Currently : February 2019

It’s the first Wednesday* of the month, so it’s time to see what I’m currently up to!


Anticipating : Date night next week! Char is staying with my parents, so I’m also excited about sleeping soundly! Ha!!

Going : To Target every week! It’s our Saturday routine to go to Target and walk around. I claim it’s because Char loves it so much, but we know that I have a little bit of influence in that also! 😉

Making : Nothing, although I did see a craft project on Leslie’s blog that looks really cute and simple enough for me to do! I also really want to make some banana bread and new earrings. I’m having a crafty moment, I guess!

Watching : Adam Ruins Everything! It’s a show where a guy named Adam (durrr) looks at things people believe or have always just assumed are true. I like that it’s funny, and he cites his sources (librarian nerd alert). My description doesn’t do it justice, so check it out on Hulu!

Wearing : Spring clothes today, winter clothes tomorrow. Nashville’s weather cannot make up its mind! The high today was 75 degrees, and it’s supposed to drop to 28 degrees overnight. Plus, we’ve had so much rain that some places are flooding! I guess I should add rain boots to my spring/winter ensembles!

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*Or Thursday…whatever…

Currently : January 2019

It’s the first Wednesday of the month, so it’s time to see what I’m currently up to!


Choosing : Books for the Book Challenge by Erin. It officially started yesterday, but I’ve been so behind on everything that I haven’t finished choosing my books for it.

Tidying : Everything! You did see the picture of my room yesterday, didn’t you? Our house is a mess right now!

Resolving : To have healthier habits and better routines. I got really off-track during the end of November and December, so now that the rest of the planet is trying to improve themselves, this seems like the perfect time for me to do it as well!

Exploring : Our finances so we can take control of our money and accomplish some goals that we have been talking about.

Refreshing : My wardrobe. Since I’ve finally been tackling the mountain of laundry to put away, I’ve realized that I have a lot of clothes that I really don’t like. Time to freshen up the old closet!

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Currently : December 2018


Gifting : Toys!! We aren’t getting Charlotte a lot this year since she’s still young, but we have gotten her a couple of things that I’m really excited about!

Baking : Nothing at the moment, but we bought cake mix and chocolate to attempt making cake pops in the cake pop maker my mom got rid of. Charlotte always wants one from Starbucks, and I figure with the way she eats (she’ll eat 10 pounds of food one day and a bean the next day), I should have cake pops on demand at home!

Singing : Jingle Bells…over and over and over again. It’s Charlotte’s favorite Christmas song, so we have listened to it about 100 times since Thanksgiving! I also get a couple of YouTube Kids video songs stuck in my head and find myself singing them throughout the day. Ah, mom life!

Mailing : Interlibrary Loan books at work. Such a boring answer, but we don’t send Christmas cards (#lazy), and all of the people we give gifts to are local, so we don’t mail anything extra this time of year.

Decorating : Our house for Christmas! Will put lights up outside, and it’s the first time we’ve ever had lights on our house! There aren’t very many, but I think they look pretty, and they make me smile every time I come home and see them!

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Currently : November 2018


Appreciating : My family! We’ve had some ups and downs this year, but we are continuing to grow, and things are getting better every single day!

Researching : Info for a presentation at work next week. It’s a fun one about planners!

Planning Can be Fun and Functional : Maximizing Productivity with Planners

Paper planners may seem old school, but there a number of benefits to writing things down over using technology. Join Amber as she talks about how to best use a paper planner, and bring your own planner for a fun decorating session!

I want to make sure that I have some good info about the connection between writing things down and remembering them! Wish me luck! 🙂

Posting : Nothing much anywhere. I’ve been slammed at work, but now that it’s getting closer to the end of the semester, I feel like I’ll be back on track with blogging and posting on my blog’s Facebook page…maybe…

Getting : Ready for the holidays! I started my to-buy list for Charlotte’s Christmas gifts. Let’s be honest – she’s the only one we all want to buy gifts for this year!

Cooking :  Besides the soup I made a couple of weeks ago? Absolutely nothing! Will has always been the chef in the house, and I’m glad to let him continue with that!

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Currently : October 2018

Totally behind on this (and I missed the linkup), but here is my October Currently!


Wearing : Stupid summer clothes still. There’s hope for fall weather in the near future, and I CANNOT WAIT! I’m usually tired of all of my spring and summer clothes and shoes by mid-September and want to switch out my closet. Of course, check back in around February when I hate boots and am sick of sweaters…

Collecting : Dust? Life has been busy lately, and we just went through Charlotte having a stomach bug last week, so cleaning has been pretty low on the priority list! I hope that it’s cool enough this weekend for us to open some windows and let the sick germs out!

Making : Decisions about the future, especially since I talked about how crabby I’ve been lately in my last post.

Taking : Tons of pictures and videos of Charlotte and Koopa lately! We changed phone networks and got new phones, so the picture quality is so much better than on my old Pixel!



Planning : All of the things! I’ve been making all kinds of medical appointments for Charlotte, Koopa, and myself (Will is on his own!). I’m laying out the rest of the semester at work in my work planner. I’ve been tracking food and drinks in my wellness planner after having some weird, random allergic reactions over the summer that caused my lips to swell up. Plus, I’ve got my planners for 2019 already, so I’m super eager to start writing in those and decorating them! I’m also doing a presentation about planners at work next month, so I’m planning that…it’s planception! 😉