The Daily Dime : June 2019

Time for another Daily Dime post where I share 10 pictures from a day in my life! I haven’t done one of these since March 2018(!), so Charlotte looks just a little different than she did then!

These pictures are from Saturday, June 15.

One//Around 10:00 AM

Charlotte has an ABC mat on the floor of our screen room, so we go out there at least once a week so she can play with them. She’s started putting some of the empty parts on her head, which always makes me laugh!

Two//Around 10:00 AM

Poor Koopa always thinks that he gets to go in the back yard every time we go in the screen room, but until he gets his new flea/tick collar, he can’t. The ticks are so bad this year!

Three//Around 11:00 AM

Time for a late breakfast with Ariel and her inside ABCs. She is obsessed with ABCs and spelling right now!!

Four//Around 1:45 PM

My mom, Charlotte, and I have been taking daily walks around the neighborhood. We usually do it after I get home from work, so it’s not too hot, but today we had to go earlier, so it was blazing outside! Please note Charlotte’s snacks in the cup holder!

Five//Around 2:30 PM

After our walk, Charlotte and I played in the back yard for a few minutes. Unfortunately, our play time ended when Charlotte got super mad at me for not letting her go near the neighbor’s fence because I didn’t want her to get too close to their dogs. I’m such a mean mom!

Six//Around 6:00 PM

My brother bought two tickets to the My Brother, My Brother, and Me podcast’s live show, and he invited me to come along. This is the face I make when I get to go out and do something adultish!

Seven//Around 7:00 PM

My brother made fun of me and called me a tourist because I kept taking pictures downtown, but I don’t care! I just like taking pictures in Nashville, and I thought this one was a cool one!

Eight//Around 7:00 PM

Me and Little Jimmy Dickens. Enough said…

Nine//Around 9:00 PM

It’s the brothers McElroy! Let’s get this show started!

Ten//Around 10:15 PM

Okay, this is a mean picture, but it highly entertained me. These scooters are all over Nashville, but this is the first time I’ve seen two people trying to ride the same one! Right before I took this, the girl was standing there yelling at the boy. I imagine it was about their technique because when they got back on, they were booking it up the hill! Don’t ever change, Nashville.

So this doesn’t seem to be a linkup anymore, but I want to start doing these again more regularly because I think they’re a cool way to get a glimpse into people’s lives! My next one will be on July 17, so if you’re interested in joining in, leave me a comment, and maybe we can start a new linkup (maybe with a new name too because I don’t know if Daily Dime belongs to someone…).

The Daily Dime : March 2018

Time for a Daily Dime post where I share 10 pictures from one day in my life. These pictures were taken last Saturday on St. Patrick’s Day.

One//Around 8:45 AM
IMG_20180317_084920Charlotte has been cramming her mouth full of food lately. I don’t know why she does it, but you can see her chipmunk cheeks here! You can also see a little bit of Koopa in the background.

Two//Around 9:30 AMIMG_20180317_092716Koopa had a long overdue grooming appointment (he was so smelly!), and it was a pretty day, so we decided to go a few places after we dropped him off. This was our first stop – Charbucks as we call it. I also found a quarter on the floor under my chair. #LuckoftheIrish

Three//Around 10:30 AMIMG_20180317_102713Our next stop was Charget (yes, we really do call the coffee place Charbucks and the store Charget…we have issues lol). I love this picture because it shows what a big girl she’s becoming! Plus, it was so sweet seeing them holding hands!

Four//Around 10:30 AMIMG_20180317_103346While Will was waiting in the checkout line, Charlotte and I went over to the not just a dollar spot and browsed. She loved this hat, so of course we had to buy it!

Five//Around 11:00 AMIMG_20180317_110036She picked this out completely on her own. Girl’s got good taste! She also had to wear the hat for the rest of the morning. It was so cute!!

Six//Around 12:00 PMIMG_20180317_115052Around 4 AM Saturday morning, we had a pretty heavy storm with hail. The hail was still there the next day, even though it was close to 80 degrees outside! It fascinated me!

Seven//Around 4:45 PMIMG_20180317_164428Clean and soft Koopa! He was posing in his bandanna from the groomer!

Eight//Around 6:00 PMIMG_20180317_175608After naptime and an early dinner, we decided to go a few more places. Char climbed up on this bench on her own, and Will and I were both trying to take the perfect picture of her. Love this expression!

Nine//Around 8:30 PMIMG_20180317_202959Char got a couple of new pairs of pajamas. These were from the boy’s section, but they said “squadron goals” which made me laugh for a good two minutes, so we had to get those too. I think she was waving good night at the camera!

Ten//Around 10:00 PMIMG_20180317_220111Spending the day at the dog spa can wear a pup out! I had to crop this one for the sake of decency (ha!), but he also had his back paws crossed. Such a gentleman.

It was so nice to have a sunny, warm Saturday! We’ve had so much rain lately, and now it’s super cold here again. Come on Spring…we’re tired of Winter!

I’m not sure if this is a linkup still, but I enjoy these posts, so I’ll keep doing them!

The Daily Dime : February 2018

Welcome to another edition of The Daily Dime – ten pictures from a day in my life!

These were taken on Wednesday, February 14.

One//Around 12:30 AMIMG_20180214_001332I’ve been staying up waaaaay too late lately. This was right before I was ready to go to bed, and when I realized it was officially past midnight, I decided it should be my first picture of the “day.”

Two//Around 7:30 AMIMG_20180214_075229Charlotte woke up shortly after I went to bed and would not go back to sleep, so she and I went to the front bedroom to lay down. I wanted to share a glimpse of what that bed looks like…complete with way too many pillows! I know it looks like it’s just a mattress, but it’s actually a platform bed. It will probably be what she sleeps in after she’s out of a crib.

Three//Around 7:30 AMIMG_20180214_080501She looks like such a big girl, doesn’t she? She has a few toys that she absolutely loves, and this is one of them. I have all of the songs it plays memorized!

Four//Around 8:30 AMIMG_20180214_091049My black cardigan has a hole in it. I’m so sad because it’s so hard for me to find cardigans I like and as a librarian, I’m basically required to wear them. Ha!

Five//Around 9:00 AMIMG_20180214_091021The carnage after Charlotte has helped me get ready. She kept trying to push that toy into the bathroom and got mad when she couldn’t get it to fit in there!

Six//Around 1:00 PMIMG_20180214_130632In December, I became semi-obsessed with wanting a daily planner. However, it wasn’t in our budget, plus I have a perfectly good 2018 planner. So, I compromised and made daily sheets for myself. I have been trying to decorate the daily sheets and leave my planner open on my desk during the day. Both of those things seem to help me be a little more productive.

Seven//Around 3:30 PMIMG_20180214_153641Will brought me a coffee from the coffee shop he was working at. He isn’t working there now because they’re about to go out of business. I’ll miss my Wednesday afternoon coffees!

Eight//Around 8:30 PMIMG_20180214_205423Koopa was mean mugging me so hard. I don’t think I was  eating then either, so I don’t know why he was staring at me like that!

Nine//Around 9:30 PMIMG_20180214_221144Mean mugging makes a dog tired, evidently.

Ten//Around 10:00 PMIMG_20180214_223815Will makes the absolute best chocolate milk on the planet. I don’t know if it’s because he’s very generous with the chocolate syrup or what, but any time we have chocolate syrup, I always ask him to make me a glass…or ten! Since we’re being frugal right now, this was my Valentine’s Day present also! 😉

This is usually a linkup, but I haven’t seen it posted yet. The host is pregnant with her third child, so if she didn’t remember (or didn’t have the energy!) to post it, I completely understand! I’ll join up with her when she posts it! 🙂

The Daily Dime : January 2018

Oh my goodness, I haven’t done one of these since October! I didn’t realize I had missed two months of this one! I’ll make it up by including a lot of pictures of Charlotte in this entry!

These were taken last Thursday, January 11.

One//Around 8:00 AMIMG_20180111_083711This is what I see when I wake up! Unless I have to be at work or somewhere early, I don’t set an alarm clock. I rely on my Charlarm clock…

Two//Around 8:30 AMIMG_20180111_085810Over Christmas break, Will did some work in our bedroom closet. He basically tripled the hanging space! Now we can both keep our clothes in our room! Notice the difference between the shelves. The top left shelf is for his clothes. The bottom shelf is just my shirts, and the top right shelf is my pants/skirts/dresses. #clotheshorse

Three//Around 9:00 AMIMG_20180111_092333I tried to get a good picture of Koopa when I took him out before leaving for work, but this was the best he would give me!

Four//Around 9:00 AMIMG_20180111_092441Charlotte likes to stand at the door anytime one of us takes Koopa out. She looks like such a big girl!

Five//Around 12:30 PMIMG_20180111_133745I was off work a few days last week because of sickness (I think I’ve only written about that approximately 7.5 million times). This was my first day back at work after almost a week off, and I discovered a Christmas card in my mailbox! Oops!!

Six//Around 5:52 PM (ha)IMG_20180111_175243I took this picture in the parking lot at work to show the temperature since we were supposed to have snow on Friday. Spoiler alert – we did.

Seven//Around 7:00 PMIMG_20180111_083645Our letter board still had stuff on it about Christmas shopping, so I thought it was time to update it! In retrospect, I wish I had put Becky on the fourth line (raise your hand if you get that reference…)

Eight//Around 7:30 PMIMG_20180114_112903Charlotte…and her messy face…loves to take selfies!

Nine//Around 7:45 PMIMG_20180117_090203This one is a little blurry, but I laughed so hard at her carrying her makeup brush and her “bah” around. Girl has priorities! 😉 Also, her jammies look like different ones from the picture before. So odd!

Ten//Around 10:00 PMIMG_20180109_154324I know this one is kind of an unusual picture, but it made me laugh because he was laying on my lap, and there was just something that cracked me up about his little bottom teeth! And, he was snoring!!

I didn’t take any pictures of Will or me! You guys don’t miss us too much, do you? Ha!

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The Daily Dime : October 2017

It’s time for one of my favorite linkups! In case you’re new around here, The Daily Dime is a post that includes ten pictures of your day. It’s a fun way to share a day in your life! Each time I’ve participated in this one, I’ve posted a weekday, so I decided to switch things up a little bit and feature a recent Saturday.

One//Around 8:30 AMIMG_20170930_083054Charlotte’s cube toy had been in dead battery time-out for a while, so she was really excited to get it back once her parents finally bought the right sized batteries. Also, please note that she likes to sit in her rocking chair, drink out of her sippy cup, eat a big pretzel, and watch an episode (or twenty) of The Wiggles. It’s a tough life, but someone has to do it!

Two//Around 8:30 AMIMG_20170930_083101This is what Koopa thinks of The Wiggles!

Three//Around 8:45 AMIMG_20170930_084044A little light reading!

Four//Around 8:45 AMIMG_20170930_084948She took my coffee cup and started trying to drink it. Luckily there wasn’t any left in there! Little thief!

Five//Around 10:15 AMIMG_20170930_101913Sorry for the upside down picture, but I had to share that my socks said Big Shrimpin’. I’m a sucker for puns!

Six//Around 3:00 PMIMG_20170930_145831We went to a fall festival with my parents and brother and took a ton of pictures. This was one of my favorites!

Seven//Around 3:00 PMIMG_20170930_150043And of course, Charlotte and I had to take a few silly pictures with my mom! She didn’t want to smile until my mom and I started squealing, then she couldn’t stop squealing and laughing!

Eight//Around 3:15 PMI managed to wear these teeth for about twelve seconds before I started gagging. I think that’s a record for me.

Nine//Around 4:45 PMIMG_20170930_165006I wanted to try the maple pecan iced coffee, and it was meh. I’m sorry I cheated on my beloved pumpkin spice…

Ten//Around 5:00 PMIMG_20170930_170722Spending a little more time outside before bath time and bed time. We enjoy our outside time on my classic NKOTB blanket!

And that’s a wrap for our day!

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