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TBB Asks : Shop Til You Drop

Happy Monday! What’s a better way to celebrate another freezing cold Monday than to answer some questions about shopping?!? 1. Top 3 Shops? Old Navy, Target, and JoAnn Fabrics (not for fabrics though…give me alllll the planner stuff!) 2. Where is the majority of your shopping done – in store or online? In store. I like to …


Cloud Gate : Style Imitating Art

Okay, this post is out of my comfort zone, but it’s something I wanted to try, so here we go! There is a group of three bloggers – Erin, Jen, and Salazar – who take turns co-hosting a linkup called Style Imitating Art. The premise is that whoever is hosting choosing a piece of artwork …


Fashion, Food, Fitness, and Friendship Goals

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