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Five Favorites : Books to help you organize your life

I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Clicking on these links will not add any additional costs to items you order and helps support my blogging costs. Thank you! A new year …


Five Favorites : November 2017

This post contains affiliate links. Want to know what that means? Check out my disclosure policy. This month, I decided to talk about some of Charlotte’s favorite things. She plays with these things every single day! 1. “Snoop“ I think my mom gave him that nickname, and it has stuck! Snoop is by far her …


Five Favorites : October 2017

Why hello post series that I haven’t published since March 2016! I enjoy writing these, but I just kept putting off posting them. No more! Time to share some of my favorite things with you! 1. Video Baby Monitor Since we did Charlotte’s sleep training with Anna from Train Up a Child last month, she has been sleeping …

Five Favorites

Five Favorites : March 2016

No pictures today because, well, I was too lazy to go searching for them. Gotham : It had gotten really cheesy and kind of gross but is starting to come around again and be more clever. Of course that means the season will probably end before I’m ready for it to. Walmart online grocery shopping: …

Five Favorites

Five Favorites : February 2016

Happy Leap Day! Although little girl needs to cook a while longer, it would’ve been so cool for her to have a Leap Day birthday! I didn’t publish anything last week, but I noticed that my post from two weeks ago didn’t link to Facebook, so if you’re interested in reading a semi-sappy love post …