Five Favorites : Books to help you organize your life

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Five Favorites

A new year always brings new hopes of becoming the organized, in-shape, financially stable, calm, wonderful person you have always dreamed of being…or maybe that’s just me! ūüėČ

For this month’s Five Favorites, I thought I would share books that I have read or really want to read that should help you reach your goals of becoming a more organized person.

1. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up  by Marie Kondo

This one has a lot of ideas that may seem weird, but look past the parts where she encourages you to talk to your items and embrace her concept of getting rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Everyone has that one shirt that is kind of meh, but you keep it because you don’t think it’s hurting anything. Get rid of it! Right now! I’ll wait…

2. The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margareta Magnusson

This one was published pretty recently, so I haven’t read it yet, but from what I’ve read about it, the idea is to clean and organize now so that your family doesn’t have to worry about it after your death. The concept is a little morbid, but it is something to consider, especially if you are a bit of a packrat like I am.

3. One Year to an Organized Life by Regina Leeds

I’ve had this book for a few years, and every year, I intend to start it on January 1 and get myself together. Now that I’m putting that info out there for everyone to read, maybe I should actually commit to it!

4. Cluttered Mess to Organized Success Workbook by Cassandra Aarssen

I haven’t read this one yet either, but I’m a sucker for workbooks and checklists. Plus, I’m a bit of a hot mess, so the title of this one speaks to me!¬†

5. Getting Things Done by David Allen

This book is the pinnacle for becoming an organized and productive citizen. I’ve read it (more than once…shame face…), and it’s full of great ideas. I bet if I actually implemented any of them, I would be unstoppable! Ha!

Did I miss any of your favorites? Let me know which books have helped you get your act together…or which ones have not been worth wasting your time on!

Five Favorites : November 2017

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Five Favorites

This month, I decided to talk about some of Charlotte’s favorite things. She plays with these things every single day!

1. “Snoop

I think my mom gave him that nickname, and it has stuck! Snoop is by far her current favorite toy and lovey. Sometimes we can hear her turn on his music at night! Lately when I go in her room after she first wakes up, she will grab Snoop and her favorite soft blanket and stand up so I can pick them up. This toy will be the reason we invest in rechargeable batteries!

2. AlphaPup

This was one of the first toys she learned how to turn off and on, and it fascinated her! I also heard her say the “buh” sound (for the letter B) for the first time while she was playing with this. She hasn’t quite connected the yellow bone and string as something she can pull to make it move, but she is starting to pet its ears and wag its tail, which is so cute!

3. Step and Play Piano

She got this for her birthday, and it has been a daily favorite ever since! At first, I sat her in the seat in the middle, and it was a lifesaver when I needed to contain her so I could get ready for work. As she got a little older, it was one of the first things that helped her pull to a standing position. Now she will move back and forth along the outside of it. Sometimes she stands in the middle of it (the seat is removable), and I call her mixmaster Charlotte. I don’t think she appreciates my sense of humor…

4.  A to Z Smart Pad

I had no idea what the real name of this one was! This was another birthday present that she loves! We keep it in her pack and play, and she likes to play with it while she’s enjoying a snack. It took her a little bit to figure out that the thing on the left side slides up and down, but now she does it all of the time!

5. Wiggles Keys

I don’t¬†know why this picture is so tiny, but I was tired of fighting it to try to resize it! Char doesn’t actually have these, but they represent her love for The Wiggles. Hulu has the first two seasons of the new Wiggles, and we have streamed them approximately 17,462 times. But, I actually don’t mind them too much, and as a bonus, I’m learning all of the words. She loves them, and sometimes it’s the only thing that can stop a meltdown, so we will wiggle on! I included this particular product also because I wanted people to check out the price tag on it. For some reason, a lot of The Wiggles stuff on Amazon is expensive, but this is beyond expensive! Sorry Char. There’s no way we’re buying these for you!

Hope you enjoyed a look at Charlotte’s favorites! Like any good toddler, I’m sure she will change her mind about them soon, but for now, we’re enjoying her favorites!

Five Favorites : October 2017

Why hello post series that I haven’t published since¬†March 2016! I enjoy writing these, but I just kept putting off posting them. No more! Time to share some of my favorite things with you!

1. Video Baby Monitor

I didn’t know her monitor had an antenna until I saw this picture. Sigh…

Since we did Charlotte’s sleep training with Anna from¬†Train Up a Child last month, she has been sleeping in her room nearly every night (we had a few bumpy days when she wasn’t feeling well). We got this monitor from Will’s dad and stepmom during our baby shower, but we’ve used it more in the last month than we have in her entire life (since she had been in our room prior to this). I love being able to watch her and make sure that she’s not trying to reach through the slats of her crib to get a toy that’s too close to it. Not that she did that earlier tonight or anything…

(Side note, did you know that Amazon has baby registries? When I was looking for the link to the monitor, there was an option to add it to a baby registry. We’re not having any more children, but if you’re pregnant or know someone who is, this seems super convenient!)

2. TRESemme Reverse System Shampoo and Conditioner 

I used this over the summer while we were staying at my parents’ house before ours was ready, and it made such a difference in how my hair looked! The idea behind it is that you use the conditioner first so that it rinses out really well and your hair isn’t weighed down. It smells good too, which is a plus!

3. TV Wall Mount

This isn’t the exact one we have, but it’s the same premise. The living room in our new house has an odd layout, so we wanted the TV mounted above the fireplace instead of on the TV stand that we used at the other house. Will’s stepfather hung it up for us, and it makes a huge difference in the look of the living room! If you have an opportunity to have a mounted TV, go for it! You won’t regret it!

4. Clinique Happy

This has always been my favorite perfume! I’m not sure why either. Maybe it has something to do with all of the little sample sized bottles that I got whenever I used to buy makeup during Clinique bonus time (my mom and I lived for bonus time…especially when it just required a $16.50 purchase!). For some reason, I never thought about buying it online. So much cheaper than department stores!

5. Paper Mate SharpWriter Mechanical Pencils

I like writing with mechanical pencils, but that click, click, click, click, click every single time you needed more lead got on my nerves. It was enough to take me off team mechanical pencil for a while. During a meeting last summer, one of the professors at work (hey Jean!) gave me one of these pencils, and it was love at first write! Do yourself a favor and buy some of these so you can make terrible puns just like me!

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Five Favorites : March 2016

No pictures today because, well, I was too lazy to go searching for them.

  1. Gotham : It had gotten really cheesy and kind of gross but is starting to come around again and be more clever. Of course that means the season will probably end before I’m ready for it to.
  2. Walmart online grocery shopping: Grocery shopping while sitting on the couch in pajamas (okay, I guess I could’ve gone there and been in my pajamas)? Saving money because I’m not putting extra junk in the cart? Being able to avoid taking a newborn to the store (in the future…planning ahead and all)? Making a list of things that my husband can pick up without sending him down “those aisles”? Yeah, I’m sold.
  3. Reese’s Eggs : Something about the egg shape and limited availability makes them taste better…
  4. Crocs : Don’t judge me. You don’t know my life.
  5. Reminders app on phone : My brain can’t remember anything unless I record it immediately. Since I always have my phone with me, it’s so much easier than writing things down and then trying to remember what random notebook or page in my planner I used. Plus it’ll remind me at certain times or when I get to certain places. Thanks, digital brain!

Five Favorites : February 2016

Happy Leap Day! Although little girl needs to cook a while longer, it would’ve been so cool for her to have a Leap Day birthday!

I didn’t publish anything last week, but I noticed that my post from two weeks ago didn’t link to Facebook, so if you’re interested in reading a semi-sappy love post dedicated to my husband, check it out!

Now, on to this month’s favorites (which seem to be all pregnancy related…oops)!

  1. Minnetonka moccasinsKILTY HARDSOLE (WOMEN) | 406 | Red | 5

    I’m reaching the point in this pregnancy where it takes a good five minutes to put on a pair of boots. I’ve always loved moccasins, but now I love them even more because I just have to step into them, no bending over or extra movements necessary! I’ve got a few colors already, but now I have my eye on red ones and navy ones (size 7 in case anyone is curious…)

  2. Zantac

    If the legend about heartburn and the amount of hair a baby is born with is true, then this baby is going to look more like our dog than a human! Thank goodness for Zantac!

  3. Nashville Moms BlogNashville Moms Blog
    In case you’ve missed any of my other shameless plugs, I’m one of the newest contributors to the Nashville Moms Blog! I’ve only published one article there so far, plus I was introduced¬†with the rest of the new contributors, so check it out!
  4. Epsom Salt
    After I finish a tough¬†workout, like putting on boots or walking upstairs, I’m generally sore and tired. Some nights, I like to take an Epsom Salt bath, and the Dr. Teal’s Soothing and Sleep kind is my favorite because it smells so good! Of course, the next workout I have is trying to maneuver myself out of our tub…
  5. Valspar Cathedral Stone paint
    We love this color! Considering the nursery was purple and green before (two walls of each…yep…), almost anything would’ve been an improvement! This color went on really smoothly and didn’t even require a primer. It’s a nice medium gray, so it’s a good neutral background color for our planned¬†Star Wars¬†theme. I’ll be posting a nursery tour in March just in case anyone is curious about what a girly¬†Star Wars¬†nursery looks like!

Is anyone else in shock that it’s almost March already?!?