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Wellness Wednesday : June 2018

Wellness Wednesday…on a Thursday! Let’s review my January goals and my progress on those! Goal #1 – Sleep at least 7 hours a night : I’ve been really bad about this one lately. I’ve been staying up way too late working on things that I don’t get done during the day, and then I’ve had trouble …


Little Letters : May 2018

Dear Summertime Cold, Stop it. Just stop it. You are making me grouchy and grumpy and tired, and I don’t want any part of it. Go away and never come back. Dear Charlotte’s ear infection, See notes to my cold. At least you’ve got some antibiotics fighting you, so you should be gone sooner rather …


Wellness Wednesday : April 2018

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday, monthly linkup dedicated to health and wellness! I missed this linkup last month since I didn’t write very much in March. Time to get back on track! First, let’s check in on my goals from my original post in January. Goal #1 – Sleep at least 7 hours a night : I’ve …


Seven Sunday Sites

Embracing the bitter with the sweet – this is where I am right now and definitely spoke to me! The importance of setting manageable goals – bonus, she mentions a book that I’ve reviewed here before! I ordered a salad from a restaurant earlier this week (thank you Christmas gift card that was hiding in …