Little Letters : November 2017


Dear night time,

I don’t love you showing up before I leave work everyday, but if it brings us closer to Christmas, then okay, whatever.

Dear Thanksgiving,

I love you (because a holiday based around eating and gratitude is my jam…), but Christmas has much catchier music. Please forgive me if I start listening to Christmas carols this weekend!

Dear neighbors setting off fireworks,

If you wake Charlotte up, you will no longer like me. I mean, I don’t know if you like me anyway because I don’t think you’re actually in my neighborhood, but you really won’t like me if she wakes up. Also, dude, it’s November 10. What the heck??

Dear debt,

You’re going to like us even less than the neighbors above will if they wake up our daughter. Your time in our family is over. We have had it with you and your friends taking way too much of our money. Consider this your official eviction notice.

Dear pencil and paper,

I know that you get overlooked for fancier things like apps and other kinds of technology, but you’ve still got a spot in my heart. Don’t ever change.

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Little Letters : October 2017

I missed this post last week because I posted about The Mom Conference instead! Oops! Better late than never, right?


Dear Will,

I know I’ve written to you before, but I can never tell you too often how much I appreciate everything you do for me and how much I love you. Plus, you make some mean chicken and chocolate pudding! (Not together though! Ack!)

Dear Charlotte,

I’ll write to you again also! I’m so proud of the progress you’re making with standing up unassisted! You’re going to be running by Thanksgiving!

Toddler standing in front of a mirror

We took her to a toy store, and her favorite thing was the mirror. She’s definitely my child!

Dear Koopa,

I can’t leave you out! Thank you for being such a good guard dog lately. I feel so much safer with you around!

Dog laying on the couch

Always on guard duty…

Dear Tennessee weather,

Get your act together and stop this back and forth mess. Our sinuses can’t handle these temperature swings.

Dear Mom,

Happy birthday!!!!!! Sorry you don’t get a post dedicated to you this year. Maybe when you’re 60…

We love you!

Two women and a toddler


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Little Letters : September 2017


Dear Pumpkin Spice,

WELCOME BACK, OLD FRIEND!!!!!! I’m in white girl overdrive over here!

Dear Christmas music,

I see you waiting in the wings. I might start slowly adding you into my playlists. I can’t stop myself.

Dear Kelly Clarkson,

Thanks for the new song! Does that mean a new tour soon? I haven’t gone to a concert yet this year, and I need to fill that hole in my life…

Dear Chick Fil A app, 

I’ve written about you before, but you just keep delivering free treats. Keep it up!

Dear Amber,

This one is a little more serious, so I guess I’m ending on a bit of a low note. You have not been taking care of yourself lately. You really need to start going to bed earlier, start eating better, and start exercising again. I would also like you to be nicer to yourself. And, let’s work on those organization and time management skills, shall we?

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Little Letters : August 2017


Dear Chris Pratt and Anna Faris,

I am legitimately saddened by your separation. I don’t usually get too interested in celebrity marriages because they don’t last, but I was rooting for you guys, especially after reading a clickbait article that showed your back-and-forth affection on the Twitter. Sigh.

Dear Starbucks,

Your summer game is kind of meh. Why are you only giving one star as a reward? That’s bogus…

Dear August,

I’m not ready for you. I know it’s the 11th, but I still can’t accept that you’re already here.

Dear Sirius/XM Satellite Radio,

I scoffed at you in the past, but I’ve been hooked on your 90s pop, 90s alternative rock, and 90s hip hop stations (see a trend here?) during my trial. You’ve hooked my husband with your sports and heavy metal channels. Dang you, we’re going to have to subscribe, aren’t we?

Dear tattoo,

I’ve only had you for two weeks, but I’m ready to give you a sibling already. I never understood how or why your kind were considered addictive, but now I totally get it.

P.S., I plan to write about you soon. Are you prepared for the fame?

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Little Letters : June 2017

A couple of months ago, I ran across this linkup called Little Letters. It seemed like a fun one to get involved with, but I missed it. I finally remembered to write it down in my planner, so now I’ve got another monthly post on my radar!


Dear Pinterest,

Stop giving us so many ideas for the new house. Just stop.

Dear Will, 

You’ve been an awesome husband lately. I mean, you’ve always been pretty decent, but you’re really knocking it out of the park lately. I love you!

Dear Charlotte

Even though we had a rough Saturday, I love you more than words can describe!

Dear Koopa, 

The picture I posted of you last night still makes me laugh uncontrollably. #koopaplans

Dear This Is Us,

I don’t know why I resisted you for so long. I’m not wishing summer away, but I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOUR SEASON 2 PREMIERE!

Dear Watermelon,

Welcome back. I’ve missed you, my friend.

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