Getting Lost on Memory Lane

How many of you out there remember LiveJournal? I had this wonderful idea to do a Throwback Thursday post once a month and put something on here from my LiveJournal days and either comment on what a dramatic person I used to be (totally past that now, right? Ha!) or put an old survey and update the answers. I still plan to do that…on a Thursday sometime…but in the process of looking at my old LiveJournal account, I got a little lost on memory lane.

(In other words, I stayed up waaaaay too late reading about the adventures of college Amber, which included, but weren’t limited to: complaining about classes, talking about work, and taking surveys. Riveting stuff sometimes).

I’ve always enjoyed writing in journals – physical and online. I just have to remember not to start reading the old ones at night when I should be asleep!

Anyway, all of that to say, there should be some fun throwbacks coming up over the next few months. Oh past Amber, if only you had known future Amber was going to be making so much fun of you someday. Present Amber, let this be a warning that future Amber is watching and waiting. That doesn’t sound creepy at all, does it…