Christmas Mini Bucket List

Recently my blogger friend Leslie reached out to a few of us to see if we were interested in creating mini bucket lists for Christmas and having a linkup. Since I didn’t update my Fall bucket list in November and have forgotten what was on it, I decided this would be a good chance to start fresh with bucket lists! I’m a few days behind on posting this, but better late than never, right?

Christmas Mini Bucket List.png

(I also stole a couple of these from Leslie. No shame in my thievery game…).

Let’s look at the items, shall we?

1. Buy a new ornament – every year since Will and I were first dating, we have bought a new ornament for our Christmas tree. One year we bought it on Halloween! We’re behind on getting our annual ornament this year, so we need to get to it!

2. Christmas lights scavenger hunt – This is one of the ones I stole, but it’s such a great idea! I’ve seen a few of these around my neighborhood!


3. Have a Christmas party – Totally cheating on this one since we’re having our Happy Holigames : Part Deux this weekend! I’ll mark this one off the list at least!

4. Learn to make a different Christmas treat – I make reindeer belly buttons every year, and they’re delicious, but I need to add another treat to my annual recipes!

5. Watch Elf – I haven’t seen this in so long! I know it’s one of my mom’s favorite movies (ha!), so I’m going to invite her to watch it with me… 😉

Want to join in? Leave your Christmas mini bucket list items in the comments or join the linkup by clicking the blue button below. Be sure to check out the other blogs and see what they have planned!