September Goals

Well, hello there. It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted, hasn’t it? The world of being a school librarian has been extremely busy, plus I just started two of the classes I need to get my teaching certification/licensure, so I have been just a little frazzled for the last few weeks!

I’ve missed writing though! I’ve also missed reading blogs. I pulled up my feed reader yesterday, and I had over 700 unread posts! Sheesh! I wanted to ease back into writing, so I thought I would do a goals post to stretch out my writing muscles again and to motivate me to get some things done!

September Goals :

  1. Clean off our dining room table : Somehow our dining room table can go from being completely clear to a disaster in the blink of an eye! It tends to be the place where we just drop things when we don’t really know where to put them, and then it just gets out of control. Now that Will and I have similar work schedules, we can eat dinner together as a family at night, so we really need to get the table cleared off to make this happen.

  2. Clean off our entryway dresser : This is another spot where we just drop things, especially mail. It’s not quite as cluttered as the table, but it still needs to be cleaned off.

  3. Get on track with daily routines : I spent most of August in survival mode with my new job, classes starting, Will’s schedule changing, etc, but now that we’re into September and getting into a groove, it’s time to work on daily routines. I want to get back to doing small daily housekeeping tasks like laundry and unloading the dishwasher. I also need to get back into the habit of choosing my work clothes the night before, making sure lunches and snacks are packed, getting my work bag together, and doing a quick tidy around the house.

  4. Make consignment appointments : Charlotte and I both have a ton of clothes that we aren’t wearing. I want to make consignment appointments and start cleaning those items out since both of our closets are way too cluttered!

  5. Trade in old car seat : I saw a post on Facebook about Walmart’s upcoming car seat trade in event. From September 16-30, you can get a $30 Walmart gift card for trading in car seats that your kids have outgrown! We just bought Charlotte a new, bigger car seat last month, so the old one is just sitting by the couch. This will help us declutter a little and give us a little extra money for groceries!

  6. Make an eye doctor appointment : For some reason, this is a recurring goal for me. I have no idea why I don’t go ahead and schedule the next appointment each time I go for a visit, but here we are yet again!

  7. Make a dentist appointment : Somehow I’ve gotten off track with my twice a year cleanings, and I can’t even remember when I last went! Plus, it’s really weird, but I had a wisdom tooth pop through a few months ago! It’s not hurting or bothering me, but I think it would be a good idea to get a pro to look at it!

  8. Take Koopa to the vet : He’s a couple of months overdue for some shots, plus he needs a tooth cleaning also. We are just falling apart in this house, aren’t we?

  9. Decorate for Fall : I just got a couple of fall decorations at Target yesterday, plus I’ve got a lot of things that I didn’t get out at all last year. I want to get those things out this year and make our house fall ready!

  10. Start meal planning and prepping : I suppose this could go with creating daily routines, but I wanted to separate it out to make sure it got extra attention in my world. We have been so bad about eating fast food lately, and it’s hurting all of the weight loss progress I made early in the summer! I need to take time during the weekend to meal plan and prep to get ready for the week.

  11. Start walking again : My mom, Charlotte, and I were walking the neighborhood pretty consistently earlier in the summer, but we missed a couple of days, and then we just ended up dropping that habit. I know that part of it was the super hot weather, so now that it’s starting to cool down, I want to resume this habit. Plus, this paired with dining out less often will help with that whole weight loss thing!

  12. Start posting at least once a week again : My last goal is to post at least once a week on here. I’ve got a lot of posts I want to do, including creating a Fall Bucket List, so I just need to sit down and take the time to write them. This will be a good outlet when I’m tired of reading about collection development or want to stay off social media! I also need to fix the wonky site design that happened when I let my paid WordPress subscription lapse, but one thing at a time, right?

Anyone have any great September goals they want to share? Let me know in the comments!

June 2018 Goals

June 2018 goals

Maybe one of my monthly goals should be to update my goals monthly. That sounds like a tongue twister!

I haven’t posted goals since January. Honestly, we were kind of in survival mode for a while, so I didn’t make any goals. Now that things are semi-settling down, I want to get back in the habit of posting monthly goals!

In the interest of not repeating things yet again, let’s just say that I still haven’t finished unpacking, and we’ve been in our house for close to a year. I know that neat and organized people would say that if we haven’t needed it in a year, we should just get rid of the boxes. The bad part is that there are things we’ve needed and wanted, but we’ve done without them. This is also me trying to justify my semi-hoarding tendencies…

I’m also still not doing great with the going to bed at 10:30-11 thing. I think there has just been a lot going on in our lives, and sometimes late at night is the only time I really have to sit and be quiet and do things for myself. I’ve tried getting up earlier, but Charlotte has some kind of super hearing and senses when I’m awake. We’ll keep working on this one, shall we?

Let’s set some new goals!

  • Pay at least $1,200 in debt – I talked about this a little more on my other blog.
  • Send out 30(!) writing job pitches – This is part of me conquering fear and becoming braver. The more I pitch, the less scared I will be to do it!
  • Stay on track with my 100 Days to Brave devotional – It’s been so helpful for me lately!
  • Publish posts here Monday-Friday and every Monday on the other blog – I really enjoy writing, and I have a schedule for the month already. I just have to work on making posting a priority!
  • Do a time tracking week – I haven’t done one of these since I was engaged, so my life is completely different than it was back then! I would love to know how I spend my time and how I can become more efficient and work on goals more often.
  • Lose 10 pounds – I lost 10 in May, so let’s keep that positive momentum going!

Six goals for the sixth month. I like how that looks!

If you set monthly goals, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

February 2018 Goals

Well, well, well. Guess who hasn’t written or updated any personal monthly goals since October?

(Hopefully you don’t have to guess, but if you do, the answer is me…).

Let’s get back on track, shall we?

February 2018 goals

Goals for February:

  1. FINISH UNPACKING! Ugh. This has been on my to-do list for far too long. Some would say that if I haven’t used/needed packed items since we moved into our house at the end of June/beginning of July, then I really don’t need them. Those people don’t know me too well because I can’t just get rid of stuff in unopened boxes. I just can’t do it! But seriously, it’s time to get it together!
  2. Nightly bedtime – 11:00 – no negotiations. I don’t know why this even needs to be a repeated item on my goals list because sleep is fantastic!
  3. Two in one – make an eye doctor appointment and make a regular doctor appointment – I have told Will repeatedly lately that I need to take better care of myself. Accomplishing these two goals in February will help start me on that path.
  4. Lose five pounds – Another aspect of taking better care of myself (along with going to bed on time and unpacking junk so I don’t feel so overwhelmed…hmmm…sensing a theme for February…) is to start eating better and moving more often. I lost a little bit of weight at the beginning of January, but it came back and brought some friends. I’ve got to get this weight under control!!

Surprise – that’s it! I was going to have five on here because that seems like a nice number that’s easy to achieve but sounds semi-impressive. However, I realized that two of my goals for February are pretty big, so there’s no sense in adding something for the sake of adding. Besides, since #3 is really two things, that’s five, right? 😉

Do you have goals for February? If you set goals for January, how did those go for you?

November 2017 Goals

I feel like I just wrote my October goals yesterday, and now it’s already time to look at my November goals!

brown chevron background with November 2017 goals and written in white over the background

Let’s see how I did on my October goals:

  • Continue going to church weekly
  • Do at least two things off of my Fall Bucket List
  • Blog at least four times a week
  • Finish unpacking (ughhhhh)
  • Lose five pounds
  • Read the rest of my selections for the Erin 7.0 book challenge
  • Go for a 15 minute walk 3-4 times a week
  • Stick to a bedtime every night (no more blogging at 11:30 PM!)
  • Write two blog posts for a freelance job I got recently
  • Participate in the Fall Mini Photo Challenge

Well, crud.

I started out pretty strong in October. We went to church a couple of weeks. I participated in 8 out of the 14 days of the challenge. I was writing posts ahead of time and going to bed at a semi-reasonable hour, and then I just lost my momentum. I don’t know if it’s the work stuff that I keep talking about or what, but I got into a slump and totally neglected my goals. Okay, time for a fresh start!

Goals for November:

  • Finish unpacking…for real! – The list of things I want to find include, but aren’t limited to, a pair of pants that I’ve only worn once but that I know fit me, the crib bumper (mesh!) for Char so she’ll quit sticking her foot through the slats and waking herself up, and coffee mugs to hang up on the coffee wall.
  • Go to bed by 10:30 every night (even Friday and Saturday nights!) – I’m a lot nicer when I get enough sleep. Plus, it helps me handle stress better. And, no matter how late I stay up, a certain little human critter wakes up around the same time every morning, so I’m just hurting myself by staying up too late!
  • Write daily – I’m not participating in NaNoWriMo, but I do want to write every day like the participants do (or should do…ha). I want to post here daily and build up my freelance portfolio. Plus I have a book chapter due at the end of the month that I haven’t done nearly enough work on, so I’ve got plenty of writing lined up for November!
  • Hit my step goal every day – My step goal isn’t set to the recommended 10,000 steps a day, and I still have trouble reaching it! It’s time to start being more active!
  • Daily quiet time/devotional/Bible study – I have neglected this for far too long. Our church attendance has been sporadic lately, mostly due to the nap time situation, but this is something I have full control over!
  • Read 6 books – I had a goal to read 52 books this year, and I”m at 41! If I read 6 books this month and 5 in December, I’ll reach it! Woo hoo!
  • Complete Fall Bucket List – Because Winter is coming… (I for real have no idea what that means. Something with Game of Thrones, right? But I’ve never seen it, so I don’t know if it’s a good reference or a bad reference, but it seemed funny in my head. This is why I shouldn’t write late at night…)
  • Catch up on This Is Us – Yes, this has to be a goal. I’m three episodes behind. Don’t ask me how I’m still living a complete life right now.
  • Make an eye doctor appointment – I haven’t been to the eye doctor in two years. I was supposed to go back after I had Charlotte because evidently pregnancy messes with your vision (along with every other thing in your body), and the doctor wanted to get a more accurate idea of my eyesight. But, uh, I never made that appointment. So, I’ve been wearing contacts way too long, and since I didn’t get new glasses after the last appointment, the ones I’m wearing are at least four years old. I think they’re older than that though. I’m surprised I’m even able to see the screen to type that…
  • Finish budgeting class – I’m in an online budgeting class right now, and what we’ve done so far has been really eye-opening (I feel like that’s a pun related to the prior goal item…). I’m a little behind on the assignments because I couldn’t get the videos to play on my laptop earlier this week, so I’ve got to get caught up. I can’t wait to see how this helps change some of our bad habits as we move towards the end of the year!

Phew! What are your November goals? Leave a comment here or let me know on Facebook!