Currently : October 2018

Totally behind on this (and I missed the linkup), but here is my October Currently!


Wearing : Stupid summer clothes still. There’s hope for fall weather in the near future, and I CANNOT WAIT! I’m usually tired of all of my spring and summer clothes and shoes by mid-September and want to switch out my closet. Of course, check back in around February when I hate boots and am sick of sweaters…

Collecting : Dust? Life has been busy lately, and we just went through Charlotte having a stomach bug last week, so cleaning has been pretty low on the priority list! I hope that it’s cool enough this weekend for us to open some windows and let the sick germs out!

Making : Decisions about the future, especially since I talked about how crabby I’ve been lately in my last post.

Taking : Tons of pictures and videos of Charlotte and Koopa lately! We changed phone networks and got new phones, so the picture quality is so much better than on my old Pixel!



Planning : All of the things! I’ve been making all kinds of medical appointments for Charlotte, Koopa, and myself (Will is on his own!). I’m laying out the rest of the semester at work in my work planner. I’ve been tracking food and drinks in my wellness planner after having some weird, random allergic reactions over the summer that caused my lips to swell up. Plus, I’ve got my planners for 2019 already, so I’m super eager to start writing in those and decorating them! I’m also doing a presentation about planners at work next month, so I’m planning that…it’s planception! 😉


Little Letters : June 2018


Dear planner that I made just for work,

You’re earning your keep lately. Stay gold.

Dear Happy Planner,

Quit releasing such cute new products. Our budget is telling me to stop buying your things, but I can’t quit you.

Dear budget,

I know you’re for our own good, and I know we’ve kind of ignored you lately. We promise to get back on track and work on our debt-free goals again. I mean, our bank account says we have to get back on track, so there’s that…

Little Letters

Dear Will,

Sorry I’ve been at work more lately. I’ll get on a better schedule…eventually.

Dear Charlotte,

See above letter to your father.

Dear Koopa,


Dear Mom,

Thanks for watching Charlotte more lately. I couldn’t have asked for a better situation…and we can’t afford daycare (see : letter to our budget), so thanks for letting me pay you in coffee on occasion!


Little Letters : May 2018

Dear Summertime Cold,

Stop it. Just stop it. You are making me grouchy and grumpy and tired, and I don’t want any part of it. Go away and never come back.

Dear Charlotte’s ear infection,

See notes to my cold. At least you’ve got some antibiotics fighting you, so you should be gone sooner rather than later!

Dear planner,

It’s so nice to spend time with you again. It’s a whole lot easier to use you than to try to remember everything in my brain, which never turns out well at all!


This week’s layout before the pen

Dear Google Pixel phone,

You are such a disappointment. I thought you were going to be great, but your battery life is abysmal and your messages app constantly crashes. You are going to make me turn back to the dark (Apple) side, aren’t you?

Dear Will,

Baby steps and one day at a time.

Dear Charlotte,

I’m sorry I’ve been so crabby lately. I know it’s tough to not feel well and not be able to tell anyone exactly what’s wrong. I’m working to remember that, but I know I slip up, especially when I don’t feel well. There are going to be a lot of times like this in your life, but just know that I love you more than anything…even when you’re screaming at me at midnight, 1 AM, 2:30 AM, etc…

She loves being barefoot! Little Tennessee girl! 

Dear Koopa,

I really should let you out in the back yard more often. Maybe then you would quit chewing on Charlotte’s toys and making me frustrated!

Dear Amber,

It’s time to work on your goals, write more often, and take the steps you need to take to make your life what you want it to be. And maybe you should go out in the back yard more often too. A little sunshine can’t hurt anything.

Dear everyone who still visits the blog,

Thank you. I never mean to be gone as long or as often as I am, and I appreciate those of you who pop by and say hello, no matter how long I disappear. I’m working on being better at returning the favor!