One Word 2015 + a project

It’s time to wrap up 2014 and start focusing on 2015. I can’t believe it! This year feels like it has gone by so quickly!

Since I’m a bit of a nerd, I get really excited when it’s time to start planning for a new year. I do all sorts of planning- lists of goals and ideas, putting things in my planner (I ordered this one this year; it’s a lot more than I normally pay for a planner, but I had PayPal cash, she ran a Small Business Saturday special, and, well, I just wanted it…), etc. However, I’ve noticed that I have run into a problem over the last few years; I can plan all day, but I lack follow through. I have a lot of good ideas, but a lot of them never get off the ground. Plus, to be honest, I’m a bit of a flake at times, backing out on plans, not keeping my word, and being a bit lazy about things that I really should be more routine about, like chores.

With those things in mind, I started thinking about my One Word for 2015. If you don’t know what that means, just do a search for One Word, and you will find plenty of information about it! My One Word for 2014 was Healthy, but, as with many other things lately, I didn’t follow through with the plans I set for it, and so it kind of fizzled. So, as I thought and prayed about my goals for this upcoming year, something kept coming up. In fact, someone even posted something related to it on Facebook:

Consistent. Hmmm. I have a tendency to be all or nothing. If it’s not perfect and exactly like I want it, then I tend to just hibernate and not do anything at all. If I don’t know where to start on a project, then instead of just taking small, consistent steps to start it and work on it, then I just do nothing at all. As a friend put it, I’m kind of like a pendulum and I swing wildly from one side to another instead of just getting a little off track.

So, what can I do to reach my goals and keep myself on track in 2015? Make small changes. Take baby steps every day. Keep my word to myself and others. Be consistent.

Yep. I think I have a word for 2015.

The graphics both in the post and on my sidebar were created by the talented Meredith Duke. Her word for 2015 is BOLD, Check out her post about how she chose this word and what it means to her.

If you have a word for 2015, tell me about it in the comments. Link to your blog if you have one, and if you’d like a graphic, visit Meredith’s blog, and she’ll be glad to make one for you! 🙂

I plan to revisit my word a few times this year since I am going to blog every Monday (be consistent, right?), so stay tuned for updates.

Now, since this post isn’t quite long enough (ha), let me briefly talk about another project I’m starting in 2015 that I’m tentatively calling “Pray Every Day.”

During the Thanksgiving to Christmas season, I started noticing how many of my friends and family members were having a challenging time. Whether it was because of a loss, a personal difficulty, or a number of things, it just seemed like a lot of people weren’t quite in the holiday spirit. I felt like I needed to start praying for people and get out of my selfish bubble, and as I thought more about it, this project was born.

I plan to pray for a different person (or people) every day in 2015. I’ve got a list started with some birthdays and anniversaries of friends and family, so I can pray for them on those days, but there are still a lot of days unaccounted for. So, if you would like me to pray for you on your birthday, anniversary, or another day that holds significance- good or bad- fill out the form below. If you have children or other family members or friends you’d like me to pray for, fill it out on their behalf. If you don’t have a specific date, then I’ll fill one in and let you know what date I’ve chosen (if you’d like me to). Thanks for reading!

Slack-Free September: Week 2 Update

30 Days, 30 Tasks, 30 Minutes (or Less)

I can’t believe I’m already halfway through September! Here’s my week 2 update:

September 8- Nothing

September 9- Get prices for trash pickup

September 10- Take plastic to dump (thanks husband!)

September 11- Nothing

September 12- Sign up for bank draft for the water bill

September 13- (Attempted to) sell vacuum- I’ve got it listed in a couple of Facebook groups and have gotten some interest, but no one is following up! I’m putting it on Craigslist next, and if that doesn’t work by the end of the month, I think we’re going to donate it somewhere. A for effort?

September 14- Nothing completed but halfheartedly started a couple of things

I’m 8 for 14 so far. That’s definitely not as far as I wanted to be or should be for this project, but I’m celebrating the fact that I have knocked 8 things off my to do list!

Also, I didn’t realize that my auto post to Facebook and Twitter feature wasn’t working correctly when I published my Week 1 update last week, so check it out and see what else I’ve knocked off my list!

Slack-Free September: Week 1 Update

We’re one week into Slack-Free September (which as a side note, I realize should have been Slacker-Free September. Slack-Free September kind of just sounds like we’re not wearing pants this month!)

30 Days, 30 Tasks, 30 Minutes (or Less)

So how did I do? Here’s my breakdown:

September 1- paint wall
September 2- order electronic transcripts from grad school
September 3- sew buttons on husband’s shorts 
September 4- nothing
September 5- clean out clothes bin
September 6- nothing
September 7- nothing

Yikes! I started out so well, but then I went downhill. It looks like I’m going to be doubling up on some tasks later this month!

How did you all do during your first week? I have to give a shout out to my work colleague Michele who finished the task of framing and hanging pictures, a task that she said she has been meaning to do for months! Way to go, Michele! If anyone else has any motivation, share it here!

I’m off to plan how I can do better during week 2!

Slack-Free September

30 Days, 30 Tasks, 30 Minutes (or Less)

Welcome to the new blog! I’m going to work on exporting all of the Blogger posts here so everything will be in one place. I put that item on my to-do list and as I started reading over the list, I realized that there were a lot of little things that I’ve been putting off. I’m sure a lot of you can relate here. You get the big, recurring tasks finished, but the little things fall through the cracks. If that sounds familiar to you, join me for Slack-Free September!

30 Days, 30 Tasks, 30 Minutes (or Less)
Starting tomorrow, September 1, I’ll be working to complete 30 tasks off my to-do list (1 per day). I’m devoting 30 minutes to each task, but I think a lot of them won’t take nearly that long (but some of them may take a little longer, so it’ll balance out).

So why am I posting this? For one thing, I want accountability. I want people to harass ask me about my progress, and I don’t want to embarrass myself. Also, by posting this, I hope that I will inspire some of you to work on those perky little nagging tasks that never seem to get checked off the list. I believe in the power of momentum. Once you start finishing little things, that gives you the momentum to take on the bigger things. That’s the principle behind Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball method, and I think it can be applied to every other area of your life!

Here are my 30 tasks:

  1. Export Blogger posts to this blog
  2. Trim monster shrub by mailbox
  3. Clean off bar area
  4. Clean up spare bedroom
  5. Clean up workout room
  6. Clear off laundry room counter
  7. Sell vacuum
  8. Clean up area behind couch
  9. Make eye doctor appointment
  10. Organize seasonal decorations
  11. Get prices for trash pickup
  12. Take plastic to dump
  13. Change burned out bulbs in chandelier and laundry room
  14. Sew buttons on husband’s shorts
  15. Clean out makeup and nail polish
  16. Clean out clothes bin
  17. Take bags to Goodwill
  18. Clean out car #1
  19. Clean out car #2
  20. Put away summer clothes/shoes
  21. Put solar lights by sidewalk
  22. Order electronic transcripts from grad school
  23. Find headphones
  24. Update songs on iPod
  25. Hang dry erase board in office
  26. Back up phone pictures to computer
  27. Back up computer to external hard drive
  28. Paint kitchen wall
  29. Sign up for auto bill pay for water bill
  30. Clean out work folder (the lone, non-time sensitive work task I’ve got right now)

I’ll update every Monday in September with my progress. Let me know if you plan to join me, even if you’re doing it on a smaller scale. Here’s to a slack-free September for all of us!