Sentence A Day : March 2020

I haven’t participated in this since July 2018! Wow, I didn’t realize it had been so long! Let’s get back to it, and then abandon it again for nearly two years. Ha! I missed a few days of sentences, so fill in those days with any cool sentence that you want to!

1 – A new month and new possibilities!

2 – Char and I both got new glasses on Friday, and I need mine adjusted because the earpiece is digging into the side of my head!

3 – Tornadoes hit the Nashville area around 1 AM; we were spared from any damage and just had a power outage, which makes us feel so thankful!!

4 – Seeing the damage to the local area on the news today makes my heart sink; our former junior high and one of the elementary schools I went to are completely destroyed. The electricity came on again around 5 PM.

5 – Char stood on a skateboard that a girl in Dunkin Donuts had, and she was so proud of herself!

6 – Target with the family and Panera girls night!

7 – Forgot to write my sentence today!

8 – Forgot to write my sentence today!

9 – Happy 7th anniversary, Will!! I love you!! (Yeah, two sentences…I think I earned an extra one today!)

10 – Day home after going to get a haircut, glasses adjusted, and a couple of places with Char yesterday!

11 – Char got her second haircut today and looks so stinking cute!!

12 – Another day at home today!

13 – Friday the 13th…ooh spooky…lol

14 – Char sleepover with my parents, and Will and I went grocery shopping for our date night!

15 – Will and I got a lot of housework done today, thanks to the 90s Alternative Station on Amazon Music!

16 – Char and I are staying home as much as we can, but unfortunately Will still has to work.

17 – Taught Charli that you have to wear green on this day, or you will get pinched; this concept works better when you’re not minimizing human contact!

18 – Charli and I baked and decorated a cake today; I won’t quit my day job…

19 – Char and I went to my parents’ house today and spent time on their screen porch since the weather was nice.

20 – Will is going to be off work for the next two weeks while his job runs on a skeleton crew.

21 – Char is having a sleepover with my parents, so Will and I did what any adults with a child-free night would do…rented Lego Batman on Amazon Prime! 😉

22 – We slept super late this morning, and it was fantastic!

23 – Another week of being home, but with Will here also!

24 – Lots of playing and not lots of housework…oops…

25 – Charli suckered my parents into a sleepover, so I finished Love is Blind and stayed up waaaaay too late!


27 – Char and I stayed outside for several hours today, and it was fantastic!!!

28 – Happy anniversary to my parents!

29 – Beautiful weather today and house cleaning helped me feel a little less blah than I have been!

30 – Today was a rough day, and I felt really discouraged for most of the day.

31 – Happy birthday to Will and Koopa!!

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Sentence a Day : July 2018

Recapping July, one sentence at a time!

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1 – Hello birthday month!

2 – We took Charlotte to the Science Museum today, and she had a lot of fun!


3 – Char and I stayed home today and had a lazy day!

4 – The Mr. Rogers movie was so good, but the migraine tonight was so not good.

5 – Back to work and reality!

6 – Forgot to write anything today!

7 – Forgot to write anything today!

8 – Forgot to write anything today!

9 – Forgot to write anything today!

10 – Forgot to write anything today!

11 – Office cleaning extravaganza!

12 – Phone interviews – day 1.

13 – Phone interviews – day 2 – and scheduling on-campus interviews for next week!

14 – Had brunch with a friend and friends over for games…fun!

15 – Picked up Char, went to visit Will’s mom and stepdad, then birthday shopping!

16 – Happy birthday to meeeeeeee!!

17 – So sore from taking Charlotte to the bounce place yesterday!

18 – I like my nighttime walks with Koopa!


19 – Our top candidate accepted the job offer!!

20 – Dinner with Mom and my friend who used to work with me…so fun!!!

21 – Puttering around with Will and Char today.

22 – Pretty productive day at home, but a certain little girl had a big tantrum today!

23- Stayed up too late last night, overwhelmed, exhausted.

24 – Woke up with a swollen lip that went away after a few hours.

25 – My body has felt achy this week; please don’t be getting sick, Amber!

26 – Another swollen lip that popped up randomly at work; doctor says it’s an allergic reaction to “something.”

27 – Mom and I took Char to a luau party this morning, and she had so much fun!


28 – Char woke up at 5 AM this morning,  but thankfully she and I took a nap!

29 – Got Char some shoes with dinosaurs on them that I wish I had!

30 – My stinking lip swelled up again!!!!

31 – Did a lot at work today to prepare for our new guy starting tomorrow…tired!


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Sentence a Day : May 2018

Time to recap May, one sentence at a time! I don’t have any pictures in this month’s post because my computer and Google Photos were fighting! Don’t you love technology?

1 – So close to the end of the semester!

2 – Secret Pal reveal party at work!

3 – I love how Charlotte looks in little dresses!

4 – May the Fourth be with you…yep…

5 – Graduation day at work…pouring down rain and the gym is roasting!

6 – Walk at the park with Mom and Char!

7 – Go Preds!

8 – I forgot to write something today!

9 – I forgot to write something today!

10 – Aaaand, the Preds are out of the playoffs.

11 – I forgot to write something today!

12 – Friend time and consignment shopping for Char!

13 – Happy Mother’s Day!

14 – Char and I are both under the weather.

15 – Char has a Batman dress!!

16 -I neeeed chocolate!

17 – I love puns.

18 – There was a turtle in our yard this morning!!

19 – Family day!

20 – Char isn’t feeling well again!

21 -Poor Char has an ear infection.

22 – Sick Char is no fun. =(

23- Now I feel crappy.

24 – Summer cold and allergies…woot.

25 -We got a new (to us) lawnmower!

26 – An author liked my Instagram post; I’m famous!

27 – Solo and Sonic!

28 – Memorial Day and a new (to us) swing set for Char!

29 – I finally figured out Instagram story templates!

30 – Huge storm with a rainbow afterwards!

31 – I’m really enjoying the Ken Coleman show podcast!

And that’s a wrap for May! Be sure to visit the other posts below and join us in June!

Sentence a Day : March 2018

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1 – Hey, did you know today is my Friday? 😉

2 – I got a lot done today!


Char loves her Snapchat filters!

3 – Char is on a day trip, so I’m giving our other kid some attention haha


He’s worn out after his one-on-one time!

4 – Fun night out last night and semi productive today!

5 – Good day off, and I got Char a birthday present!

6 – I’m so crabby today

7 – No cavities at the dentist but still cranky tonight

8 – Not quite as cranky today, so that’s good for everyone around me!

9 – It’s our 5th anniversary today – time is flying!


Will and I didn’t take any pictures together today. Oops!

10 – And so the sleep battles begin again…

11 – Spring forward has done a number on our sleep…blah…

12 – Sometimes staff meetings can be interesting…

13 – Drunken noodles are delicious!

14 – So ready for Winter to be over!

15 – Sometimes a girl just needs a little extra time with her mama!

16 – Yay it’s Friday!

17 – Beautiful day today and fun with the family!


Is ice cream delicious? Hmmm, let me think about this one…

18 – Back to a smaller planner…my life is so exciting lol

19 – Work closed early because there were supposed to be dangerous storms; spoiler alert – there were none.

20 – Aaaaand we have the potential for snow tonight…happy first day of Spring!

21 – It’s so cold still!!



22 – Super tired today.

23- I am so tired again today and can’t shake it!

24 – Forgot to write anything down today!

25 – Lazy Sunday at home


Char likes my new planner…

26 – Tired, tired, tired, and did I mention tired?!?

27 – Totally forgot to write something today too!

28 – Happy 35th anniversary, Mom and Dad!!


There were deer in our yard when Char and I got home!

29 – People did not like us closing at 4:30 today!

30 – Shopping with Char and my parents!


31 – Happy birthday, Will! I love you!! (Two sentences…whatcha gonna do about it? Ha!)


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Sentence a Day : February 2018

Hello again! I want to thank everyone who gave me feedback and encouragement on my post about having trouble being motivated to blog. I took a few days off and found that I missed writing, so I’m back just in time for the Sentence a Day linkup!

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1 – Today was a good day.

2 – Cold day but no snow.


My caption on Instagram was a joke about people eating Tide Pods. One of my coworkers made this the desktop background on one of our front desk computers. Funny, funny. 

3 – Living near family is a gift!


Our letter board was ready for the big game…

4 – See yesterday’s statement. 😉

5 – Lunch with Jen was fun!


Strike a pose!

6 – Another lunch with another college friend!


I have a feeling that someone is watching me…

7 – Feeling not so great 🙁

8 – Big program at work was a success, and I’m glad it’s over!

9 – I feel discouraged today.

10 – Tons of rain, plus Char was up half the night…blerg.

11 – No nap today made for a long day!


Wonder if she’s scheduling her lack of a nap in my planner…

12 – Mom and Dad are sick, so I was home with Char today…and no nap again!


This is her favorite Snapchat filter, and I love that Will got in on it too!

13 – Today has been very discouraging.

14 – We received some much needed good news today!!

15 – Aaaand, I’m back down again…

16 – Yay for forgotten gift cards from Christmas!

17 – Sometimes you have to hit the bottom before you can climb back up.


Mama and Charlotte selfie time!

18 – I’m more fascinated by Char’s toys than she is…


Sometimes a girl needs to sit in her chair, eat some Goldfish crackers, and watch a few videos on Mama’s iPad…

19 – Things are looking up!

20 – Gorgeous weather and free coffee today!

21 – Raining yet again, but it’s warm, so I’m getting spring fever!

22 – So we’re back to poor sleep again, huh…meh

23- Free coffee, sunshine, and Friday!!


I have no shame in admitting that I was trying to get her to hold the belt over her head like a WWE champion.

24 – Char, Mom, and I went consignment shopping today, and it was fun!

25 – Char walked around the grocery store, then ate an entire banana – living the dream…

26 – Saw Jen for a second time this month, plus went to the gym for the first time in nearly three years…ouch!

27 – Moving your arms is overrated.

28 – Feeling so much more optimistic than I have in a while!


I took my work bag and lunchbox to the car, and this is what I returned to. So sweet!

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