Let’s Talk About Meeee

So let’s add some humor back to the ol’ blog space after my confessional from yesterday. A few months ago, I saw a little survey on another blog. Since this is my 2017 version of my MySpace account, I thought it would be fun to fill out.

1. Who are you named after? 

I don’t know if my first name is after anyone, but my mom and I have the same middle name. I know at least two other people with the same first/middle name combination that I have. Must be a good, strong Tennessee name.

2Do you like your handwriting?

I do! I’ve been working on making it fancy lately. Big goals in life.

3. What is your favorite lunch meat?


Turkey…or that bologna my family had on the beach that one time…it’s a toss up.

4. Longest relationship? 

I’ve been with this guy I’m married to for almost 7 years now. We’ll be married 5 years in March!

5. Do you still have your tonsils?

Yep! I have all of my original parts…tonsils, wisdom teeth, appendix. I feel like that should make me worth more than the average person. That and my wit. I’m pretty much priceless…

6. Would you bungee jump? 

Dude. I can barely even climb to the top of a ladder without wanting to throw up, so that’s a definite no!

7. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

I hardly ever wear shoes with laces. TOMS, flats, and moccasins for liiiiife.

8. Favorite ice cream?

Anything with chocolate, peanut butter, brownie pieces, or all of those things, except for the brief time of year that pumpkin cheesecake ice cream is a thing at Baskin Robbins…

9. What is the first thing you notice about people? 

Their outfits. So superficial, right? We could pretend it’s to give me outfit ideas…

10. Football or baseball? 


Foosball is the devil…

(Will just watched The Waterboy, so that’s in my head)

11. What color pants are you wearing? 

Black…so exciting

12. Last thing you ate?

Part of a candy bar, a couple of Oreos, and a chocolate chip coconut cookie. Killing the low carb thing!

13. If you were a crayon what color would you be?

Razzmatazz. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t be that color?


14. Favorite smell?

Charlotte after a bath, Koopa after a bath, Stress relief spray from Bath and Body Works, Clinique Happy, pizza, frou-frou coffee drinks, the bathrooms at work after they’ve been sprayed with the sanitizing machine…okay, maybe that was one too many…

15. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

Mom and Charlotte. They were a package deal.

16. Hair color? 

Brown and silver. You wouldn’t think those two colors go together, and you would be exactly right about that.

17. Eye color?

Brown and silver. But without the silver.

18. Favorite foods to eat?

I think it would be easier just to say I don’t like green peas. The end.

19. Scary movies or happy ones? 

Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin is about as scary as I get…


20. Last movie you watched? 

The Waterboy? But not really because I was playing on my laptop. So, Wonder Woman? Wow, I don’t watch movies very often.

21. Favorite holiday? 

Christmas, and I’ll probably go all out Christmas music mode in one week. Thanksgiving, call me when you’ve got some music I can get behind.

22. Beer or wine? 

Eh, I’m not a huge fan of either. I can drink a cider sometimes, but they give me heartburn. That’s my life right now.

23. Night owl or early bird? 

Night owl who regrets it every morning.

24. Favorite day of the week? 



The Blended Blog Asks : Back to School Edition

Do you remember in the LiveJournal or Myspace days when those surveys were all the rage? I absolutely loved them. I guess I just can’t get enough of talking about myself!

I found this Back to School survey from The Blended Blog and had to join in!

1. Did you love school or hate it? Besides a few speed bumps, like having a girl in my second grade class pick on me, I loved school overall. I have always been a bit of a geek like that!

2. Start school before or after Labor Day? I know we started after Labor Day when I was in elementary school, but I can’t remember if that was the case once I got to junior high and high school. Our county starts at the beginning of August now because they have longer fall and spring breaks, which I think is kind of nice.

3. Wake up : eager beaver or slow poke? I think I usually woke up fairly well but tended to be a slow poke because I always thought I had more time than I actually did.

4. Favorite breakfast? I’ve always been a pretty big fan of French Toast and bacon.

5. Favorite cereal? Cocoa Pebbles or Count Chocula. It’s obviously very important to me to have chocolate cereals.

6. School uniform or no uniform? No uniform but my county did implement a standardized dress code the summer before my junior year. Funny story, I had so many dress code violations that I almost got sent to alternative school! My mom went to the principal’s office (or assistant principal…I can’t remember) and fought with her about it. Thanks for saving me from that fate, Mom!

7. New outfit for first day or no? Of course! Every first day of school was a chance to show off your summer tan and new clothes. Duh!

8. Walk to school or ride the bus? My mom and I walked to my school for a couple of months when I was in second grade since we lived pretty close to it. Otherwise, I was mostly chauffeured by one of my parents or a neighbor when I got older. I rode the bus for a couple of years (I think it was only a couple of years) because I thought it would be cooler than having my mom take me to school I was so, so wrong…

9. Backpack, tote, or messenger bag? Backpacks mostly. I think I tried a messenger bag once or twice, but it never felt big enough to haul all of the crap I carry around! (I still carry too much crap around!)

10. Eat school lunch or pack lunch? I feel like I probably had packed lunches more in elementary school and then wanted school lunches when I got to junior high and high school and there was more of a selection of food.

11. Remember the little milk cartons? White or chocolate? Chocolate all the way! I think Cracker Barrel still serves those little milk cartons with a frosty mug when you order chocolate milk there. It’s like going back to school…in the 1950s…

12. Paper bag or lunchbox? Lunchbox! Paper bags are boring!

13. Favorite thing to do at recess? Um, not sweat? I can’t remember!

14. Favorite back to school supply item? A new notebook…or new pens…or a new planner…or a new backpack…or new pencils…get the picture? 😉

15. Chalkboard or dry erase board? Dry erase all the way. I can’t stand the way chalk feels!!

16. Regular pencil or mechanical? Both! I love writing utensils, so I had a collection of both!

17. Homework as soon as you got home or after dinner? I don’t really remember! I’m a brown noser and a procrastinator, so I guess it probably depended on which side of me won out. Maybe my mom can help me remember this one!

18. Favorite after school snack? I don’t remember this either! I don’t think I really turned down too many snacks though!

19. Favorite after school show? Oprah, especially when she had celebrity interviews, giveaways, or weight loss success stories. Wow. That was a really specific answer, wasn’t it?

20. Favorite subject in school? Creative writing!

21. Least favorite school subject? Math – specifically geometry. It never made sense to me! It still doesn’t make sense to me!

22. Name of your best friend in high school? This is kind of sad, but I really don’t remember having a best friend in high school. I had friends that I really liked spending time with, but I can’t remember a best friend. I hope that my high school best friend isn’t reading this thinking that I’m a jerk for not remembering who s/he was!

23. High school mascot type? Bear! I think we were actually the golden bears if I remember correctly. Any of my high school classmates want to help me on this one?

24. SAT or ACT? I took the ACT twice. I wish I had tried a third time because my score went up a couple of points between the first and second tries, and it would’ve been cool to have broken 30. If I had to take one of them now, I would do so poorly on the math section that they probably would revoke all of my degrees!

25. Favorite year in school? Kindergarten…hahaha…that’s about all I’ve got for this one.

26. Class Ring or no Class Ring? I bought one, and I still have it. I may even actually know where it is! Ha! I don’t think it would fit my pinkie at this point!

27. Attend or not attend high school reunions? For me, it’s a no. When the planning committee for my 10 year reunion started talking about it, they brought up the idea of an inexpensive, family-friendly event, like a bonfire. It was a pretty popular idea, and then I’m not sure what happened, but the final event ended up being in a hotel ballroom. Hopefully they’ll consider something a little more inexpensive for the 20 year reunion in a few years (fewer than I want to think about…).

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