The Daily Dime : February 2018

Welcome to another edition of The Daily Dime – ten pictures from a day in my life!

These were taken on Wednesday, February 14.

One//Around 12:30 AMIMG_20180214_001332I’ve been staying up waaaaay too late lately. This was right before I was ready to go to bed, and when I realized it was officially past midnight, I decided it should be my first picture of the “day.”

Two//Around 7:30 AMIMG_20180214_075229Charlotte woke up shortly after I went to bed and would not go back to sleep, so she and I went to the front bedroom to lay down. I wanted to share a glimpse of what that bed looks like…complete with way too many pillows! I know it looks like it’s just a mattress, but it’s actually a platform bed. It will probably be what she sleeps in after she’s out of a crib.

Three//Around 7:30 AMIMG_20180214_080501She looks like such a big girl, doesn’t she? She has a few toys that she absolutely loves, and this is one of them. I have all of the songs it plays memorized!

Four//Around 8:30 AMIMG_20180214_091049My black cardigan has a hole in it. I’m so sad because it’s so hard for me to find cardigans I like and as a librarian, I’m basically required to wear them. Ha!

Five//Around 9:00 AMIMG_20180214_091021The carnage after Charlotte has helped me get ready. She kept trying to push that toy into the bathroom and got mad when she couldn’t get it to fit in there!

Six//Around 1:00 PMIMG_20180214_130632In December, I became semi-obsessed with wanting a daily planner. However, it wasn’t in our budget, plus I have a perfectly good 2018 planner. So, I compromised and made daily sheets for myself. I have been trying to decorate the daily sheets and leave my planner open on my desk during the day. Both of those things seem to help me be a little more productive.

Seven//Around 3:30 PMIMG_20180214_153641Will brought me a coffee from the coffee shop he was working at. He isn’t working there now because they’re about to go out of business. I’ll miss my Wednesday afternoon coffees!

Eight//Around 8:30 PMIMG_20180214_205423Koopa was mean mugging me so hard. I don’t think I was  eating then either, so I don’t know why he was staring at me like that!

Nine//Around 9:30 PMIMG_20180214_221144Mean mugging makes a dog tired, evidently.

Ten//Around 10:00 PMIMG_20180214_223815Will makes the absolute best chocolate milk on the planet. I don’t know if it’s because he’s very generous with the chocolate syrup or what, but any time we have chocolate syrup, I always ask him to make me a glass…or ten! Since we’re being frugal right now, this was my Valentine’s Day present also! 😉

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The Daily Dime : October 2017

It’s time for one of my favorite linkups! In case you’re new around here, The Daily Dime is a post that includes ten pictures of your day. It’s a fun way to share a day in your life! Each time I’ve participated in this one, I’ve posted a weekday, so I decided to switch things up a little bit and feature a recent Saturday.

One//Around 8:30 AMIMG_20170930_083054Charlotte’s cube toy had been in dead battery time-out for a while, so she was really excited to get it back once her parents finally bought the right sized batteries. Also, please note that she likes to sit in her rocking chair, drink out of her sippy cup, eat a big pretzel, and watch an episode (or twenty) of The Wiggles. It’s a tough life, but someone has to do it!

Two//Around 8:30 AMIMG_20170930_083101This is what Koopa thinks of The Wiggles!

Three//Around 8:45 AMIMG_20170930_084044A little light reading!

Four//Around 8:45 AMIMG_20170930_084948She took my coffee cup and started trying to drink it. Luckily there wasn’t any left in there! Little thief!

Five//Around 10:15 AMIMG_20170930_101913Sorry for the upside down picture, but I had to share that my socks said Big Shrimpin’. I’m a sucker for puns!

Six//Around 3:00 PMIMG_20170930_145831We went to a fall festival with my parents and brother and took a ton of pictures. This was one of my favorites!

Seven//Around 3:00 PMIMG_20170930_150043And of course, Charlotte and I had to take a few silly pictures with my mom! She didn’t want to smile until my mom and I started squealing, then she couldn’t stop squealing and laughing!

Eight//Around 3:15 PMI managed to wear these teeth for about twelve seconds before I started gagging. I think that’s a record for me.

Nine//Around 4:45 PMIMG_20170930_165006I wanted to try the maple pecan iced coffee, and it was meh. I’m sorry I cheated on my beloved pumpkin spice…

Ten//Around 5:00 PMIMG_20170930_170722Spending a little more time outside before bath time and bed time. We enjoy our outside time on my classic NKOTB blanket!

And that’s a wrap for our day!

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The Daily Dime : September 2017

Ack! I haven’t posted a Daily Dime since June! I took pictures last month and started a post, but it just didn’t quite come together.

Before I dive in, I have a couple of other things to mention. First, The Guys Behind The Blog linkup is next Thursday! We haven’t had a lot of participation for the last couple of months, so if you’re a blogger and want to participate, check out my link above for the questions.

Second, I posted this on my Instagram account earlier tonight, but I had to share with everyone here. The picture below is what happens when you don’t poke enough holes in your spaghetti squash when you’re heating it in the microwave. I even made a joke to Will about how I wasn’t sure if I had poked enough holes in it but I would find out if it exploded. Sigh. At least the microwave is clean now…


Now, on to the Daily Dime! These pictures were from last Monday, which was a regular workday with nothing special going on.

One//Around 7 AMIMG_20170911_075942
Mom, Charlotte, and I went to Goodwill and Walmart the day before these pictures. I have a really bad habit of leaving shopping bags on the floor until I need/want something out of them, so Monday morning, Koopa decided to get things out of the bag on his own. He ended up finding the dog toys I had bought for him. Oops!

Two//Around 8 AMIMG_20170911_082413
Coffee station! It’s a work in progress since we haven’t unpacked all of our coffee mugs yet, but I like how it looks so far. Eventually I will do before and after pictures of our house…eventually…

Three//Around 8 AMIMG_20170911_082341
Had to get a mama/Charlotte selfie!

Four//Around 9:30 AMIMG_20170911_090057
Charlotte is relaxing in her chair at Grammy and Pop’s house, drinking her shake, and watching The Wiggles (Wiggles are life right now!). She looks like she doesn’t feel well here. 🙁

Five//Around 10 AMIMG_20170912_141907
I got my planner out of my bag, and this book was in my purse. I took a couple of pictures with the intention of using one for the blog post that I was working on about it, but I didn’t love how any of them turned out.

Six//Around 1 PMIMG_20170911_125623
Lunch with Will! We had a free Pick Two from Panera. I don’t want to think about how much we’ve spent there lately to earn a free Pick Two…

Seven//Around 7 PMIMG_20170911_220143
Fall towel. Easing into my fall decorating since a lot of my fall things are still packed.

Eight//Around 8 PMIMG_20170910_193154
Charlotte hasn’t been feeling well for a couple of weeks, so she was super cuddly last week. But, cuddling doesn’t stop her from stretching across my legs and playing with her toy!

Nine//Around 9:30 PMIMG_20170911_215726
I went to the basement/garage to look for something,and Koopa followed me. This picture is a little blurry, but he looked so cute in it, I had to share!

Ten// Around 10:30 PMIMG_20170911_224021
Doing some blogging with a little assistance from a Raspberry Ale. It was pretty good, but not as good as the drinks my husband picked out.

And, that’s a wrap for my Monday!


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