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On your second birthday

Dear Charlotte, I can’t believe that you are already two years old! I have always rolled my eyes at people who say the days are long, but the years are short, and yet, I fully understand what they mean now. This last year has been challenging in a lot of ways, but it has also …


Seven Sunday Sites

Embracing the bitter with the sweet – this is where I am right now and definitely spoke to me! The importance of setting manageable goals – bonus, she mentions a book that I’ve reviewed here before! I ordered a salad from a restaurant earlier this week (thank you Christmas gift card that was hiding in …


Five Favorites : November 2017

This post contains affiliate links. Want to know what that means? Check out my disclosure policy. This month, I decided to talk about some of Charlotte’s favorite things. She plays with these things every single day! 1. “Snoop“ I think my mom gave him that nickname, and it has stuck! Snoop is by far her …

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Enjoy Your Journey

Today was the first day of school in my county. My Facebook and Instagram feeds were filled with posts and pictures that all shared a common theme : “I can’t believe how fast time is going.” Since Charlotte had been pretty restless all night and decided to give us a 4:30 AM wake up call, …