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Taking the Plunge

Yesterday I engaged in the foolish act commonly referred to as a “Polar Bear Plunge.” For anyone unfamiliar with this concept, it is a large group of people deciding to venture into some outdoor body of water in January (or February) usually to raise money for some kind of charity.

I hate cold weather. I was born in the summer, so I think there’s a part of my DNA that has me hardwired to loathe cold temperatures. So why would a self-confessed cold hater willingly go into a lake in 28 degree weather?
Yes, that sounds incredibly cheesy, maybe even freaky to some, but yesterday there were people who understood that concept. Granted many of those people were probably just there to say they had done it at least once. However, I heard at least one person comment about how rough of a year 2009 was and how this was a good start. 2009 was a bad year for a lot of people. Every year around New Year’s Eve and Day, people begin talking about fresh starts and making the upcoming year better than the last one had been. What better way to dive into a new year than to plunge into an icy cold body of water, figuratively washing away the old you and emerging a new person? Though I stayed in the water less than a minute or two, it was enough time to recharge my spirit and affirm the start of a new year and a new life.
Now on January 2, I’m ready to face the world. I’m wrapping up a nearly two-week vacation from work and school and am about to dive back into a hectic life. I know that God will challenge me this year, as He did in 2009, but I’m ready. I’m going into 2010 headfirst, and I can’t wait to see what this year brings. I think if I had done this in any other year, it wouldn’t have been nearly as symbolic, but this was the exact right time for it. Keep an eye out and be ready to read about what this year has in store for me (along with my crazy rantings and things I find funny. Ha.).
And for those of you seeking a fresh start in a fresh year, go jump in a lake. Taking the plunge might be exactly what you need.

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