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TBB Asks : Party Time!

Today’s Blended Blog linkup is all about partying! Too bad this wasn’t last month’s TBB Asks since it was the greatest month of all (AKA my birthday month!)


1. Favorite birthday party as a child? This is a tough one! My parents gave me fantastic birthday parties! One of the coolest parties I’ve ever had was when they rented out a pool at a state park! Not many people attended it, but it was so fun to have the whole place to ourselves!

2. Do you like to entertain? Yes or no? I do! Not only does it make us (um, okay, my grandma) clean our house, but it’s nice to have a house full of people laughing and having fun!

3. What kind of parties are your favorite? We’ve been throwing one for a couple of years called “Happy Holigames” where we get together near Christmas and play different types of board games. Last year my brother brought those jelly beans that you don’t know if they taste good or bad, and that was the terrible hit of the party!

4. Big or small parties? Small – like 15 people or fewer – when we host parties, that’s about all that will fit in our house. When we attend parties (rarely) that’s about as many people as I can handle at once!

5. Favorite thing to do at parties? Play games!

6. Party Food Favorites? We always make buffalo dip because it’s relatively cheap and super easy to make. Last time we also made a huge pan of Bagel Bites, and that went over well.

7. Favorite flavor of birthday cake? Chocolate cake with white icing. Fight me about it, Mom…

8. Balloons? Yes or no? No! I have a constant fear that they will pop, so I’m anxious waiting for that moment to come!

9. Best party song? I tend to like 90s music or Christmas music. I probably have made party playlists in the past, but I’m blank about their contents at the moment.

10. Do you like to dance? Yes or no? Yes, but my dancing skills match those of Elaine from Seinfeld…

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