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TBB Asks : Relationships

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m running late on this post because we had such a nice weekend that I spent more time outside than at the computer!

February is the month of love, so this month’s TBB Asks post is all about relationships!

1. Who is your oldest friend/how did you meet? If we’re talking a friend who is in my family, then I would say it’s definitely my mom, and we all know how she and I met! 😉 If it’s a non-relative, then it’s my friend Jen! She and I have known each other half of our lives now (that’s right, isn’t it, Jen?). We knew of each other before we knew each other since her mom and my grandma worked together, but we didn’t officially meet until our freshman year of college when we had such lovely classes as Honors Critical Thinking (blah) and Intro to Computers (hahahaha).

2. Tell us about your circle of support. Who are your people? I have a small circle because I don’t like to rely on people or ask for help a lot. I know, I know. My husband is definitely the number one person in my circle. He knows how to get me out of a funky mood or give me a kick in the butt when I need one! My other people are my mom and our friend Ashli. We have a massive group text going and try to get together monthly. They know all of the good and bad things going on and can help me get through both types of situations!

3. How did you meet your partner? I met him at a college and career singles event at the church we both used to attend. Check out our full “how we met” story here!

4. How is Valentine’s Day celebrated in your home? We usually don’t really celebrate because we’re boring. However, now that Charlotte is getting a little older and more aware of holidays, I feel like I need to hop on Pinterest and start thinking of some cute ways to celebrate!

5. What is your love language? Acts of Service, which is fitting because Will is really great about doing things around the house and taking care of things I put off or don’t want to do (like taking my car through emissions! I really don’t like doing that!).

6. Do you prefer receiving flowers or chocolates? The part of me that’s not trying to eat healthier says chocolates, but the part of me that is trying to lose weight reluctantly says flowers!

7. What is the most meaningful gift you have ever received or have given? It wasn’t for Valentine’s Day, but after we found out Charlotte was a girl and it looked like the pregnancy was healthy and viable, Will got me a couple of beads for my Pandora bracelet. One bead was a little blue stone to represent our first pregnancy since we called that baby our blueberry. The other bead was a little pink stone to represent Charlotte. I wear them on opposite ends of my bracelet to represent both of my kids! 💕

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  1. Yes dear friend, we’ve officially hit that “half our lives mark”! That both amazing and depressing because we’re getting old yet still haven’t really grown up LOL 😂 I LOVE our twice a year birthday lunches especially if we manage to have them during our actual birthday months! I’m super thankful we met and have lasted long since our college days…especially since I’m pretty sure ol David was ready to kill me a few times! 🚗