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TBB Asks : Summer Lovin’

1. Walk or bike ride? Walk, but I just told Will yesterday that I want to get a bike!

2. Favorite picnic food? I can’t tell you the last time I went to a picnic, so I’m clueless. I’ll go with watermelon since it’s the best summer food in the entire world.

3. Pool or lake? Pool!! I don’t like not being able to see my feet in the water…and the fish…bleh!

4. Favorite flavor of ice cream? Anything with Oreos and/or peanut butter in it.

5. Ice cream cone or in a dish? In a waffle cone!

6. Flip flops or slides? Neither. I don’t tend to wear sandals/shoes that show my toes. I have a pair of flip flops I wear to take Koopa outside, but that’s about the extent of it.

7. Jean shorts or jean capris? Capris all the way! I don’t really like shorts.

8. Favorite summer fruit? WATERMELON!!!!! I live for watermelon season!!! Red grapes are a close second…especially when they’re frozen…yum!

9. Corn on the cob or cut off the cob? As long as I’m not in public, I love it on the cob. I feel so awkward eating it, so I keep it among friends and family haha.

10. Favorite summertime song? I have no idea! I’ve been listening to so many podcasts lately that I’m having a tough time even thinking of a song! I know that sounds strange!

11. Favorite summertime activity? Judging by the videos and pictures my parents have been sending, I’m going to say that my favorite activity will soon be swimming with Charlotte! 😉

12. Favorite berry? Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, or blackberry? Strawberry with blueberry in second place!

13. Bikinis, tankinis, or one pieces? Since I only go swimming at my mom and dad’s house, I usually just wear a tankini top and some swim trunks. I keep it casual…lol.

14. Dresses or skirts? Dresses! I have a maxi dress from Dollar General Market (of all places) that I absolutely love. I would wear that sucker daily if I could eat without getting food all over myself

15. One word to describe summer? Finally!!!!!!

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  1. Chuckling over your word for summer. Great choice. I have a bike and highly recommend getting one. I added a cart for my girls when they were little, even rode with one on a kind of bike seat in the back. Great family exercise and activity.

    Not keen on displaying my toes either. With or without a pedi, they are not ready for prime time.