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TBB Asks : Wonderful Christmastime

Fair warning, I guarantee most, if not all, of my posts this month will reference how quickly this year has gone by and how this is the last linkup, post, or whatever of 2018. You have been warned…
It’s the last TBB Asks of 2018! (see, I didn’t lie above). I haven’t participated in a TBB Asks post since September, so I’m excited to be joining back in today! Christmas is the absolute best, so let’s answer some questions about it, shall we?

1. Candy Canes : Yes or No? Yes, but I don’t like spearmint ones. I also read something about Oreo candy canes recently, and I’m not sure how I feel about that!

2. Christmas morning – early riser or sleep in? We have a toddler. Sleeping in is a rare and glorious occasion on a normal day, but now that she is starting to become aware of what Christmas is (and that Santa will bring presents), I have a feeling like we’ll be waking up earlier than usual for a few years!


Christmas morning 2017 – we were up around 7 AM, which is normal for us!

3. Did you shop on Black Friday : Yes or No? That’s a solid no! We didn’t even leave our house on Thanksgiving or Friday. It was so nice to stay home and be lazy for a couple of days!

4. Christmas tree up in November : Yes or No? Yes! We didn’t put it up until after Thanksgiving, but we still don’t have all of our ornaments on it. Oops! Funny story, my newest co-worker is super into decorating for the holidays, and he wanted to put up the Christmas decorations before Halloween! I’m a Christmas fanatic, but that was too soon even for me!

5. Do you get holiday ideas from Pinterest : Yes or No? Yep! I’ve got a Christmas board on there, but I haven’t visited it in a while. Time to go back through it and add to it!

6. Christmas glam or ugly sweater? Ugly sweater, 200%! I have ugly sweater leggings too. I’m committed to the look!


A lovely Snapchat picture of one of my festive Christmas outfits from 2016!

7. Stocking stuffers : Wrapped or Unwrapped?  Unwrapped – I like to just toss things in as I find them. Also, we’ve heard on good authority that Santa won’t be wrapping his gifts. He also might have bought a canvas bag that he will write Charlotte’s name on and put her unwrapped presents in there. I respect his ingenuity.

8. Traditional or modern Christmas songs? Both – give me allllll of the Christmas music!

9. Fruitcake : Yes or No? I’ve never had it! I looked up a couple of recipes, and it doesn’t sound too bad.

10. Is your Christmas shopping finished : Yes or No? Hahahahahahahaha…does that answer the question?!?
11. Is there snow in December where you live? Typically there’s not, especially since it was 70 degrees here yesterday! I do remember having snow on Christmas around 8 years ago, maybe? It was really pretty!

12. Classic show: A Charlie Brown Christmas or Rudolph? Charlie Brown, no contest!!!

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