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I want to be consistent about blogging every Monday, but sometimes I don’t really have a topic in mind. Today, I had a topic, but since I didn’t prepare over the weekend, I don’t have anything today and decided to take the easy way out since this is the week of Thanksgiving.

There have been more than a couple of times lately that I have been less-than-pleasant. When that happens, it’s generally because I’m stuck in my own head and not thinking about all of the good things in my life. So, let’s spend a few minutes to talk about just a couple of things I’m thankful for:

My little family. I love these faces!


My other family…AKA the people that warped me! 😉

My friends, who accept my warped self…

My gym, even though it hurts to laugh, walk up the stairs, and lift things today…

And chocolate, always chocolate…

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