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The 5 AM Miracle: Book Review

I have a little problem with punctuality.

(Stop laughing, everyone who knows me in real life…).

I always think that I can get “just one more thing” finished in the mornings before I leave for work, but that one more thing turns into five other things, and it’s almost inevitable that I leave at least twenty minutes later than I had originally planned to.

The worst part of all of this is since my husband gets up at dark o’clock for work, and the pup and I get up too, I usually have at least two hours between getting up and when I should leave.

Two. Hours.

With that kind of time, I could really dominate my mornings, but instead I dominate napping on the couch and playing games on my iPad.

Okay, maybe I’ve figured out why I’m not the most punctual person…

I’ve always had aspirations of being more together and on top of things, but I tend to start strong and then fizzle out quickly. I think I just try to change everything all at once, lose motivation when everything isn’t instantly how I want it to be, and then quit. Does that sound familiar to anyone else? If so, then let me introduce you to The 5 AM Miracle!

(I completely intended for that to have a cheesy infomerical feel to it!)

I started listening to Jeff Sanders’ podcast earlier this year, and when I heard that he was accepting applications to be on the launch team for his first book, I wanted in! I received an advance copy of his book in exchange for an honest review.

Click on the book to purchase from Amazon

In his book, Sanders lays out a plan for you to gradually make over your mornings and your life, rather than diving in headfirst. In fact, one chapter even advises you not to get up at 5 AM the next morning. I can get behind that kind of plan!

Each chapter is full of tips, action plan items, and a “kill the snooze button” section that gives readers ideas about mistakes and problems to avoid. He also gives readers steps to create their own 5 AM blueprint and 30-day action plan.

I recommend this book to anyone wanting to make big changes in their life. The paperback edition is set to come out on December 1, so you could have it and implement his tools and suggestions before 2016. You could be a month ahead on your resolutions!

What could you accomplish if you dominated your mornings rather than letting them dominate you?

Disclosure policy: I am using Amazon affiliate links, so if you click on and purchase the product above, I will receive compensation. That compensation will be used for diapers and superhero themed onesies.


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  1. I just started listening to Jeff’s podcast recently. He was a guest on The Running Lifestyle Show, and I enjoyed him as a guest on that show, so I checked out his show, and listen to every episode. I still need to check out this book though.

    • He’s got a lot of great insight on his show! I need to revisit the book because I’ve gotten into some bad morning habits, like riding the snooze button!