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The Daily Dime : February 2018

Welcome to another edition of The Daily Dime – ten pictures from a day in my life!

These were taken on Wednesday, February 14.

One//Around 12:30 AMIMG_20180214_001332I’ve been staying up waaaaay too late lately. This was right before I was ready to go to bed, and when I realized it was officially past midnight, I decided it should be my first picture of the “day.”

Two//Around 7:30 AMIMG_20180214_075229Charlotte woke up shortly after I went to bed and would not go back to sleep, so she and I went to the front bedroom to lay down. I wanted to share a glimpse of what that bed looks like…complete with way too many pillows! I know it looks like it’s just a mattress, but it’s actually a platform bed. It will probably be what she sleeps in after she’s out of a crib.

Three//Around 7:30 AMIMG_20180214_080501She looks like such a big girl, doesn’t she? She has a few toys that she absolutely loves, and this is one of them. I have all of the songs it plays memorized!

Four//Around 8:30 AMIMG_20180214_091049My black cardigan has a hole in it. I’m so sad because it’s so hard for me to find cardigans I like and as a librarian, I’m basically required to wear them. Ha!

Five//Around 9:00 AMIMG_20180214_091021The carnage after Charlotte has helped me get ready. She kept trying to push that toy into the bathroom and got mad when she couldn’t get it to fit in there!

Six//Around 1:00 PMIMG_20180214_130632In December, I became semi-obsessed with wanting a daily planner. However, it wasn’t in our budget, plus I have a perfectly good 2018 planner. So, I compromised and made daily sheets for myself. I have been trying to decorate the daily sheets and leave my planner open on my desk during the day. Both of those things seem to help me be a little more productive.

Seven//Around 3:30 PMIMG_20180214_153641Will brought me a coffee from the coffee shop he was working at. He isn’t working there now because they’re about to go out of business. I’ll miss my Wednesday afternoon coffees!

Eight//Around 8:30 PMIMG_20180214_205423Koopa was mean mugging me so hard. I don’t think I was  eating then either, so I don’t know why he was staring at me like that!

Nine//Around 9:30 PMIMG_20180214_221144Mean mugging makes a dog tired, evidently.

Ten//Around 10:00 PMIMG_20180214_223815Will makes the absolute best chocolate milk on the planet. I don’t know if it’s because he’s very generous with the chocolate syrup or what, but any time we have chocolate syrup, I always ask him to make me a glass…or ten! Since we’re being frugal right now, this was my Valentine’s Day present also! 😉

This is usually a linkup, but I haven’t seen it posted yet. The host is pregnant with her third child, so if she didn’t remember (or didn’t have the energy!) to post it, I completely understand! I’ll join up with her when she posts it! 🙂

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  1. Love your Daily Dime post. I always want to do one of these posts every month, but as hard as I try I don’t remember until like 11am. I’m an ‘all or nothing’ kind of girl, so I just can’t do it unless I start first thing in the morning.

  2. OK – what gives. I have the hardest time finding black cardigans I like too – & I swear, mine has a hole in the shoulder too. How is that the place to rip?!?!?!

  3. I like how you numbered your photos and added the time. Want to try that next go-round. Haven’t seen Kristen’s post yet either.

    Saw your gratitude post. Hoping those hopeful bits of good luck have come to fruition for you. I don’t know that I knew you were a librarian. Tell me more! Maybe we should do a daily dime in the library? If I return to a library to sub in the near future