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The Daily Dime : March 2018

Time for a Daily Dime post where I share 10 pictures from one day in my life. These pictures were taken last Saturday on St. Patrick’s Day.

One//Around 8:45 AM
IMG_20180317_084920Charlotte has been cramming her mouth full of food lately. I don’t know why she does it, but you can see her chipmunk cheeks here! You can also see a little bit of Koopa in the background.

Two//Around 9:30 AMIMG_20180317_092716Koopa had a long overdue grooming appointment (he was so smelly!), and it was a pretty day, so we decided to go a few places after we dropped him off. This was our first stop – Charbucks as we call it. I also found a quarter on the floor under my chair. #LuckoftheIrish

Three//Around 10:30 AMIMG_20180317_102713Our next stop was Charget (yes, we really do call the coffee place Charbucks and the store Charget…we have issues lol). I love this picture because it shows what a big girl she’s becoming! Plus, it was so sweet seeing them holding hands!

Four//Around 10:30 AMIMG_20180317_103346While Will was waiting in the checkout line, Charlotte and I went over to the not just a dollar spot and browsed. She loved this hat, so of course we had to buy it!

Five//Around 11:00 AMIMG_20180317_110036She picked this out completely on her own. Girl’s got good taste! She also had to wear the hat for the rest of the morning. It was so cute!!

Six//Around 12:00 PMIMG_20180317_115052Around 4 AM Saturday morning, we had a pretty heavy storm with hail. The hail was still there the next day, even though it was close to 80 degrees outside! It fascinated me!

Seven//Around 4:45 PMIMG_20180317_164428Clean and soft Koopa! He was posing in his bandanna from the groomer!

Eight//Around 6:00 PMIMG_20180317_175608After naptime and an early dinner, we decided to go a few more places. Char climbed up on this bench on her own, and Will and I were both trying to take the perfect picture of her. Love this expression!

Nine//Around 8:30 PMIMG_20180317_202959Char got a couple of new pairs of pajamas. These were from the boy’s section, but they said “squadron goals” which made me laugh for a good two minutes, so we had to get those too. I think she was waving good night at the camera!

Ten//Around 10:00 PMIMG_20180317_220111Spending the day at the dog spa can wear a pup out! I had to crop this one for the sake of decency (ha!), but he also had his back paws crossed. Such a gentleman.

It was so nice to have a sunny, warm Saturday! We’ve had so much rain lately, and now it’s super cold here again. Come on Spring…we’re tired of Winter!

I’m not sure if this is a linkup still, but I enjoy these posts, so I’ll keep doing them!

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  1. Baby girl and Koopa are both so cute. Used to love how sweet smelling and soft my pups would be after a good grooming. Crazy hail storm! This time of year, the weather is all over the place. Having 87 degrees in El Paso this afternoon. Walking to the gym.