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The great closet experiment: One month follow up

I’m one month into my two-month experiment to wear everything in my closet and not buy more clothes, and so far, I’m doing eh on it. I’ve been wearing things that I haven’t worn in a while, and I’ve gotten rid of a few things. I’m doing better about planning my clothes in advance, but even when I look at some of the outfits I’ve worn (and post on my new fashion blog that I’m behind on maintaining), I’m not super thrilled about what I’ve put together. I know some of that comes from being frustrated with my weight, but I think some of it also comes from not having good basics in my closet and from just buying things haphazardly without any thoughts about what they will go with.

Also, I’ve bought a few new and new-to-me items. I went to the Under Armour outlet and got a new workout t-shirt and pants, and last week, one of my neighbors had a yard sale, and I bought a few things from her. She has fantastic clothes that I can wear to work, so that makes it okay, right? Okay, okay, I’ll work on this a little more.

I love clothes, but I am starting to realize that I have a lot of uncoordinated pieces. I also don’t really have a style, so it makes it difficult to really shop. I browse and buy instead of shopping with a purpose, and it’s bad on my wallet and my space. Plus, I’m not really sure what looks flattering on me, so I buy things that I think are cute, but may not really look good on me when I wear them in real life. It’s hard being a girl.

I have one more month of this experiment, but I do intend to wear everything in my closet. We’re just now starting to experience autumn-like weather, so I have a lot of winter items that I haven’t yet worn. I will continue trying not to buy too many items either, but we’ll see how that goes!

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