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Things that have made me cry lately

Pregnancy hormones are real. I’ve always been, shall we say, a touch emotional, but now the most random things set me off. I started keeping a list of bizarre things that made me cry, and as you can read below, there are some weird ones!

Things that have made me cry:

  • Publix deli not selling steak and cheese subs
  • Having the girl in the deli tell me that roast beef was “pretty much the same thing” as steak (NO IT’S NOT, PUBLIX DELI GIRL. NO IT’S NOT)
  • Spending money on subs at Publix since we had just gone grocery shopping a couple of days before
  • Marcus Mariota (the Tennessee Titans quarterback) running onto the field at the beginning of a game
  • A clip of a game when the Oakland Raiders won
  • A story about Einstein’s mother
  • Having the eye doctor tell me that my blood sugar may be high
  • The season premiere of The Flash television show
  • Seeing how much weight John Goodman has lost
  • Ross on Friends finding out that he’s having a son
  • Rachel and Ross kissing for the first time on Friends
  • Ross’ son saying his first word on Friends (okay, I’ve been on a Friends kick lately)
  • A cartoon picture of an abandoned dog
  • Hearing aids for American Girl dolls
  • A medicine commercial where a dog and cat look like words
  • The Acura commercial where the crash test dummies look like real people at first

Things that have not made me cry:

  • Hearing the heartbeat for the first time
  • Our gender scan ultrasound and finding out that we’re having a GIRL!


I’m sure there are more ridiculous things that will make me lose it between now and April! What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever cried about?

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