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Three Reasons Why I Will Never Be the POTUS

Since today is Presidents’ Day, I thought I would talk about three reasons why I will never be the President of the United States (AKA POTUS – I wanted to make my title slightly shorter).

I’m a firm believer that I can do anything that I want to do. I’m also a firm believer that our country needs a female president. However, I am not the right woman for the job for three reasons.

First, it just seems boring to me. When I’ve served on boards or committees related to my job and had to attend day-long meetings, I’ve been so bored! I can’t focus on those things very long, so I end up zoning out and missing half of the topics that are being discussed. That’s fine for a library meeting, but it is not fine at all for meetings that relate to diplomatic relations, the national budget, or any of the other 25 million meetings that the President has to attend. The meetings are probably just one boring aspect of the job too. I imagine that giving the State of the Union isn’t very exciting either!

No White House for me.png

Not my future home!

Second, I would use my power for my own benefit, rather than to benefit our country. DC seems cold and snowy? Well, this will be a perfect time for me to hop on Air Force One and hit the beach. I’m sure that I probably couldn’t actually do something that extreme, but I would try to milk it whenever I could. I would demand to have free stuff sent to me. I would want amusement parks shut down for my friends and family to visit. I would be the most obnoxious person ever!

Finally, I have no desire to be scrutinized! Yeah, I blog and put part of my life out there, but there is no part of me that wants to be famous…or infamous! It doesn’t matter which party a candidate represents – both major party candidates are picked apart. Their appearance, their words, their background – nothing is safe! Dude, sometimes I just want to run to the dollar store in a stained sweatshirt and sweatpants that don’t fit me too well. If I was a presidential candidate (and couldn’t convince anyone to do that for me…see above about abusing my power), then I would constantly be featured in tabloids and on the news for doing terrible things like that!

My hat is off to whoever can withstand those challenges, plus the billion other ones that I haven’t even thought of. I know that we will have a female president in my lifetime, but it definitely won’t be this girl! I’m too busy eating ice cream in my stained sweatshirt to even think about having a political career!

Would you ever want to hold a political office? Leave me a comment and let me know why or why not!

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  1. I despise traveling so for me, it would be a nightmare to have to travel the world – which sounds so funny, I know – most people would think that’s a perk of the job. Not me. Nope