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Wednesday Weigh In: Week 9

This week I’m down…

1 pound!

Not quite as big a loss as last week, but I’ll take it!

That officially brings me to 10 pounds since I started this little weight loss experiment. I’m behind on my original timetable, so I’m going to tweak it, as listed below.

My revised goals/timetable:

  • 5 pounds lost by 08/29/12. Reward: new nail polish (1-2 bottles) (Accomplished on 08/29!)
  • 10 pounds lost by 10/10/12. Reward: new earrings (Accomplished on 10/10!)–Time to go shopping! 😉
  • 15 pounds lost by 10/31/12. Reward: new workout socks
  • 20 pounds lost by 11/21/12. Reward: new Threadless t-shirt (have some designs in mind…just depends on what’s available at the time)
  • 25 pounds lost by 12/05/12. Reward: another new Threadless t-shirt because there are several I like! =)
  • 30 pounds lost by 12/19/12. Reward: new Pandora charm
  • 35 pounds lost by 01/16/13. Reward: new expensive-ish sports bra (I know, between this and the socks, I’m super exciting, right?)
  • 42 pounds lost by 02/14/13. Reward: new Toms shoes!

Starting weight: 167 pounds
Current weight: 157 pounds
Goal weight: 125 pounds

Slowly but surely I’m getting there! Also, according to the stats is keeping, I’ve lost 18 pounds overall since March. I’ll let you do the math on how big that made me when I was at my highest weight ever. :-/

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