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Weird and Wonderful Gifts for the Lefty in Your Life

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August 13 is International Left Hander’s Day. In my shameless attempt to always get free things, I’ve put together a handy little guide of gift ideas for your favorite lefty…

Screenshot of Ned Flander's store the Leftorium from the Simpsons TV show

If this store was real, then this post wouldn’t have to exist.

Left Handed Ballpoint Pens

These are angled and supposed to eliminate that annoying smearing and hand staining that a lot of pens cause. Let’s hear it for clean hands!

A notebook for lefties!

No more getting ridges on your hand/arm from the spiral of traditional notebooks. Between this and the pens, writing may actually be comfortable again!

Majestic Unicorn T-Shirt

I always knew that I was a majestic unicorn, and this shirt confirms it…

Left Handed Scissors

I’m going to be honest – unless I try these out, I’m not sure how they’ll differ from regular scissors. Then again, my brain is tired, so I could be missing something completely obvious here!

Left Handed Tape Measure

I don’t use a tape measure often (stop laughing, Mom), but when I do, I always have a moment of hesitation trying to set it up. The struggle is real, my friends.

Ambidextrous Can/Jar/Bottle Opener

Okay, this one is not specifically for lefties, but it can be helpful if you’re sharing a house with righties!

Hope all of my lefties have a great Left Handers Day!

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