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Winter Mini Bucket List

Winter has hit the Nashville area! We got so much snow Saturday night/yesterday that I almost couldn’t even see the grass still. Haha!

I missed the initial Winter Bucket List post, so I’m turning this into a mini bucket list since I only have until February 21 to complete these tasks!

Winter 2019 Mini Bucket List

My three items for the mini bucket list are :

  1. Create a playroom for Charlotte
  2. Go on a date with Will
  3. Practice brush lettering

Let’s break each of these down a little more.

First, we’re working on giving Charlotte a space for her toys. Our front bedroom was kind of catchall room that we had a spare bed and a couple of other pieces of furniture in. Will and I were alternating sleeping in the spare bed with Charlotte until around Thanksgiving when she decided that she wanted to sleep in the “big girl bed” in her room (her crib that had been converted into a toddler bed). She would go to sleep in it, but I had to sleep on the floor quite a bit, and she started waking up a lot at night (see my last post that refers to crappy sleep…).  We decided a couple of days ago to move the full size bed into her room and turn the front bedroom into her playroom. We (okay, Will) moved the bed on Saturday, and although she’s still waking up some at night, her sleep has been so much better! That’s the good part of this project. The bad part is that we need to get rid of some furniture, rearrange some things, and do a little bit more work. It will be great when she has a whole room of toys and area to play, so that’s why this is one of my bucket list goals.

Wow. I didn’t realize that one would be a short novel! Moving on…

The second item is to go on a date with Will. This bucked list covers Valentine’s Day, which happens to be the anniversary of our first date, 8 years ago! I know a lot of people don’t think about or even know the anniversary of their first date, but it’s kind of burned into my brain since it was a bit of a high pressure night to have a date! Because we’re working on straightening out our finances, plus I’m working on becoming healthier (read more about that when I publish my belated Wellness Wednesday post this week!), we haven’t been going on very many dates lately. I would like to go on some type of fun date; it doesn’t necessarily have to be a nighttime date either! I don’t know what the date will be yet, but I’ve got a couple of ideas!

The final item is to practice brush lettering. If you’re not familiar with what brush lettering is, the short explanation is that it’s basically calligraphy done with brush pens/markers. I got a set of brush pens for Christmas 2017, but I haven’t been brave enough to try them out yet. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it feels like I have to be good at brush lettering before I even use them. I know, I know! My goal for this bucket list is to get over this fear and break them out of the package. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but I can always eventually get more brush pens! Mind-blowing, right?

There are my three, overly explained bucket list items. Come back in February to see how I did, and be sure to check out the other posts in the linkup to see what their items are and how they’re doing on achieving them. If you have bucket list items of your own, join in on the linkup!

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  1. Glad to have you link up with us. Thanks for the mention. Very doable bucket list. Sounds like you are on the way to creating that play space for Char.

    Hope you can have the perfect date night on the 14th. Maybe you could bowl or go to a movie or something other than eating out. Even a picnic!!

    I loved my calligraphy course in college. We used pen and ink but India ink is so dangerously messy!! Would like to have some new calligraphy markers or maybe try my hand at using brushes. However, I imagine my hands are too shaky to do very well. Share some of your work with us!!

    • I tried to keep it short and sweet…just like me haha!

      I’ll definitely share my handiwork here. Funny enough, the planner group I belong to is doing a lettering class on February 23! I may have to repeat the goal for my spring bucket list too!


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